THERE IS HOPE – EDTA Chelation Works and What Really IS COVID???

ER Editor: EDTA chelation is a new one on us. Note that the EDTA chelation below is given intravenously. It only requires two treatments at most according to Dr. Ana Mihalcea‘s clinical experience thus far.

EDTA is a chemical compound called Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Information on this can be found on Wikipedia. This compound can be found as an oral supplement online. It is commonly used to detoxify the body from heavy metals. See also this.

As Dr. Mihalcea notes below, it does indeed raise the question of what Covid really is. Her clinical experience is performed on UNVACCINATED PATIENTS who have shown blood problems following ‘Covid’. We know that these weird effects in the blood occur after the Covid injections.

For damage to the blood following vaccination, see this of our most recent articles:

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We are not medical professionals and we are not giving medical advice. Readers must do their own research with suitable professional medical guidance. Neither are we promoting particular products nor particular doctors. All treatment approaches carry risks.



100x: Ribbon structures and Rouleaux formation everywhere.

I had a young unvaccinated patient in his 30’s come see me in November. He had just had “Covid” less than three weeks ago and was feeling fatigued, had brain fog, couldn’t sleep. He had taken full course of Ivermectin and the usual supplements, Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin D and C. I looked at his blood with my Darkfield Microscope. These images is what I found. I hope those people who dismiss Drs Kaufman, Baileys, Cowan, Corbett, and Christine Massey take a look at this. I predict that Live Blood Analysis could settle the “There is no Virus” debate.

What if “Covid 19″ is Hydrogel/Graphene/ Synthetic Biology/ Artificial Intelligence Poisoning?

200x: Huge Ribbon Structures

100x: more Ribbon Structures

100x: more huge Ribbon Structures

200x: imagine I saw all of this in only one drop of blood. How much is in 6 liters?

400x: Up close Ribbon Structures, fibrin aggregates in background

400x: All the blood was in Rouleaux – I could not find normal blood anywhere

He was started on a nutritional program and he did IV EDTA Chelation twice a week. We checked his blood in a month. There were no structures seen and Rouleaux was resolved. He is feeling excellent. See below:

200x: no fibrin, no Ribbon structures seen in the whole blood drop

200x: no Rouleaux seen

This is one case. I have many similar to this with people’s blood being cleared of these structures in as little as one or two EDTA Chelation IV’s.

I am just reminding people, that the answers are in the blood and solutions exist. It is a huge hopeful experience for people to be shocked at how bad their blood looks, and then to see it restored after getting the right treatment.



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