Everyone ought to consider sending a letter to their family and friends just like this one in 2023

Neither Safe Nor Effective!

by Rich Scheck

Scottsdale, AZ
December 29, 2022

Dear Friends and Family: I have kept my big mouth shut for several years now regarding something I am very passionate about despite my deep concerns that many of you would take the vaccine and risk serious injury to yourselves and your children.

But now the evidence is in and it shows overwhelmingly that they are neither safe nor effective and have been part of what some are calling a globally coordinated conspiracy putting profits ahead of people’s lives as well as for power and domination.

The simple fact is that we have all been lied to by our government and Big Pharma in what history will likely record as conduct constituting mass murder.

From the moment this so-called Covid Pandemic was announced, I saw it as highly suspect and part of an effort by devious forces such as the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization to institute a dystopian New World Order.

Everything that has happened since has only confirmed my suspicions. Irrespective of whether I am correct about the extent of the conspiracy or who may be behind it, the facts now in show demonstrably that taking the vaccine is a huge mistake with dangerous implications for your well being.

The masks, lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations of the workforce, military and our children…..ALL both unnecessary and highly dangerous!

I pray all of you will refuse to take any more of the Covid shots and will do everything in your power to hold those responsible for this egregious misconduct accountable for their behavior.

I understand how sensitive and controversial this matter is and have withheld comment until now. But recent developments are so compelling that I have decided to end my silence and speak out more loudly as a warning to all. https://stateofthenation.co/?p=151994

I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2023.

Many blessings, Rich

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