Marjorie Taylor Greene Justifiably Slams the Ever-Pontificating Tulsi Gabbard For Her Highly Hypocritical Santos Takedown

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

In subsequent tweets, MTG added, “I don’t think a former Democrat whose actions on the House floor as recent as 2020 that gave her an A from Planned Parenthood, an F from the NRA, and … introduced a climate agenda signature piece of legislation called the OFF Act – designed to end all fossil fuels (the same as AOC’s Green New Deal) should lecture a newly elected Republican member of congress on how he should vote to represent his Republican district.”[1]

Quite significantly, Gabbard fully supported serial communist deceiver Bernie Sanders for POTUS in 2016.  Tulsi Gabbard also endorsed the BIGGEST Liar-in Chief in U.S. History — POTUS imposter Joe Biden … when she could have easily not said anything during the 2020 election cycle.  Talk about a flaming hypocrite!


[1] Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes After Tulsi Gabbard for Utterly Dismantling George Santos on Fox News: She Gave Him ‘Zero Grace’

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