Resident Lambastes Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board for Catastrophic Covid Response (Video + Transcript)



My name is  Lesco Brandon.

Thank you for letting me speak at Sarasota Correctional Institution.

Oh, is this a hospital?  I thought this was a prison because you don’t allow family members to be with their close relatives in the hospital. Sometimes you don’t let people out so you can kill them with your poison.

I know about prisons. For years I worked as a volunteer going into prisons around the country teaching meditation  Often I would be at a maximum security prison. I would be in a room  all by myself with men who had committed murder and you know what, I felt safe. I felt protected. I honestly felt they would protect me if there was an threat. I felt this because they were grateful that I had come to help uplift them.

Recently I was told I needed a surgery here at SMH. I canceled it because, UNLIKE PRISON, I don’t feel safe here. I don’t trust this place. I’ve seen you murder people here with your protocols.  You don’t follow medicine or science. You follow the money! SMH received  $132 million from the federal government for COVID-1984 related protocols. You lied and told people they had covid when they didn’t.

You used a PCR test to justify this lie. The creator of this test, Kerry Mullis, said this test couldn’t be used as a diagnostic tool.

You withheld long FDA approved medicines, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin from patients when they BEGGED for it.

You wouldn’t let family members see their loved ones at their time of need. Was that so they couldn’t see you killing their family members?

You gave them Remdesivir, a drug so toxic the clinical trial was terminated before the trial was finished because over half the patients had died from multiple organ failure. And you are still using Remdesivir.

And to finish these patients off, you put them on a ventilator to shut them up, knowing full well about 90% of people put on ventilators die within a relatively short period of time.

Another issue you have not addressed is the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated blood. There is a huge difference and you know it. So please raise your hand if you will be willing to take Remdesivir or receive a transfusion of vaccinated blood. You should set an example for all your patients. Let’s see how safe these protocols really are.

So again I ask is this Sarasota Memorial Hospital or Sarasota Correctional Institution or the Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi Germany?

At the Nuremberg trials after World War 2 the perpetrators and collaborators were put on trial. Many were tried and then executed. Are you any different from those despicable people. They just said “I am just following orders”.

If you were a board member or doctor during the PLANDEMIC and committed these atrocities, you need to resign immediately and let the newly elected board members run this hospital with integrity, with genuine concern for every patient. Just because you wear a white coat and pretend to know everything won’t save you from God’s wrath.

In case you didn’t hear about it, last week Governor DeSantis established a public health integrity committee that will be filing a petition to call a statewide grand jury. This will lead to both civil and criminal prosecutions of crimes of various medical, drug, and hospital entities. I will be sending them the names of the board members and doctors who have been involved in harming their patients.

I am not the only who has kept track of each and every one of you who is guilty of these horrific crimes against humanity. There will be a 2nd Nuremberg trial and I won’t be the only one giving your names to that tribunal. And that doesn’t include God who watches everything we do and metes out justice in his own way.

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