GREAT RESET: Last Post Given The Unwanted Attention Of The Cabal (Part 5)

Whitehat Hackers: Interview with Gideon Part 5 of 5

 Intel Drop #5 – We’ve Gotten The Attention Of The Cabal

Friday – July 23, 2022

We just sent out our first email newsletter (you can sign up here, scroll to the bottom of the page), and miraculously it got sent without any problems.

We can’t say the same for people trying to post our information. YouTube, Banned.Video and Brighteon are engaging in outright shadow banning. Any mention of our website or the terms “CSRQ” or “WeAreSovereign” seems to result in the comment being deleted.

I spoke with Gideon about this, and a lot of other things going on. Here’s our conversation.

Bill: A week ago you were telling me we would get escalated. We would see the lower level agents replaced with better trained ones. We would also see a plateau, as they put us at Level 3 and started to shadow-ban us. It’s all happening like you said.

Gideon: “It is, and I’d rather not be right.”

Bill: I feel like when we went pretty hard exposing the Sovereigns, that escalated us.

Gideon: “It did.”

Bill: Here’s what my gut says. This is a huge, huge operation they’re doing, I mean with CSRQ. It’s hard for me to believe a leak would never happen. They’ve got twenty fusion centres and thousands working on it. So, my train of thought here is that I bet they were going to do a drip-drip release of info using their gatekeepers at some point, but never include the Sovereign part.

Gideon: “You are more right than you know.”

Bill: We got way ahead of the story. They did not expect us to show up on the scene.

Gideon: “No, they didn’t. They might have talked about CSRQ at some point. Have you noticed some of the foreshadowing they put out there? I’ve seen more than a few Alt Media types refer to ‘Sovereign’. They do stuff like that. I’ve seen some subtle references, plus they are going on and on about this Quantum financial system, which is hopium nonsense but parallels CSRQ.”

Bill: I’ve seen it, too. But what would happen is they would release the CSRQ story in a controlled operation. “Hey, the Deep State is making this software, and it’s bad, it’s got these three classes, Common, Restricted and Quarantined.” They would leave out Sovereign, they wouldn’t mention it!

Gideon: “That’s exactly what they would do.”

Bill: I can’t believe how scared some of these Alt Media people are. Talk about more of a confirmation. I even had a few people write me, ask questions, ask for an interview, and then silence.

Gideon: “They might not have been Sovereigns, Bill, but then someone got to them, or told them, ‘Back off.’ Maybe said their channels would get deleted if they went with the story, something like that.”

Bill: I believe it, because the line of communication just went dead. They were interested, then they were just gone.

Gideon: “The rest are Sovereigns. They won’t touch this, and they will try to shadow-ban it.”

Bill: A lot of people are telling us they’ve having some troubling posting our links and certain terms are banned. Why do you think we’re still here? Why haven’t they gone to Level 5 and just erased us?

Gideon: “We’re close to that. I think they are doing some data-mining, and they want to find out who we are, and who the whistle-blowers are. Keeping this all up, from their perspective, might be something they think will help them.”

Bill: On the data mining, you mean they want to see how Common classes react to this?

Gideon: “I think so. Most of our people are going to be Restricted or Quarantined, I doubt they care about their reactions, they know what they will be. But I bet they have a keen interest on how Commons will react, people who might not be into conspiracies or know much about the Great Reset.”

Bill: Hmm, while they data mine, we can at least get the word out.

Gideon: “For now, we can, and we need to push even harder.”

Bill: When do you think they were going use their gatekeepers to talk about CSRQ?

Gideon: “My guess is this Fall, if they were going to. We don’t know if they were, we suspect it, we’re theorizing here. But yes, this Fall probably. Whether or not we screwed up any plans they had to gate-keep this, we don’t know for sure. What I do know is they never, ever wanted the Sovereign part of this to come out.”

Bill: They wanted to gate-keep it and never, ever let that out.

Gideon: “That’s what they do, they release some truth, and hold back on other truths they don’t want out.”

Bill: It’s everything. They do this with everything!

Gideon: “They’ve done it with 9/11, the secret space program, the Moon missions, secret world history. They release eighty percent truth, then hide the twenty percent they don’t want anyone knowing. Then they prop up their Sovereigns, their gatekeepers, and get everyone believing those people are telling them the truth.”

Bill: With the Sovereign class out of the bag and in the open, what’s going on now? What are they doing now?

Gideon: “Other than the cabal coming after us, all of their Sovereigns in the Alt Media are going to go in lock-down mode to block our information on CSRQ. They’ll act like we don’t exist.

But, be prepared for this, they might try to co-opt it. Maybe steal it and act like it’s their own then twist it all around, or try to discredit us, then take up the cause. I wouldn’t put that past them. Expect every trick in the book.”

Bill: Another thing we noticed is how crazy the Alt Media gatekeepers are acting lately. They are going hardcore on hopium like I’ve never seen, and their sales pitches are off the charts. What’s going on?

Gideon: “They’re in a mad scramble to fill up their USDR accounts. I told Michael, it’s an all out blitz to sell, sell, sell products to make fiat then turn it into USDR.”

BIll: I’m seeing it, too. Every Alt Media person is selling something, “Buy this, sign up here, click this.” It’s nuts. I’ve never seen them going this crazy. You can’t turn on a video before three seconds into you’re being sold on something.

Gideon: “That’s because a lot of them just turned Sovereign, Bill. They were approached, and they took the deal. They turned. Then they were told everything. Everything about the Reset, what’s coming, the advantages of being Sovereign.”

Bill: They want the USDR.

Gideon: “They do. They’re looking at this and saying, ‘Ok, I’ve got $15,000 in savings. If I can do a hard sell, a hard scam, in some cases, I can make, say, $60,000 in a few months, and turn that into $2.5 Million USDR.’ That’s just an example of what some of them are thinking.”

Bill: It’s just all out greed in preparation for the Reset.

Gideon: “They have a window of time to do that, so they are doing it. It looks like six months to eight months to me. The economy will keep sputtering, then there will be an inflection point, an acceleration. Then the collapse, and then the Reset. They all know this, so now is their time to scam as many people as they can and fill up their USDR accounts.”

Bill: They’re all doing it. Every, last one of them. All of the Q Anon leaders. All of the hopium-pushers. All of the big Telegram groups. All of the YouTubers. All of the NESARA/GESARA, QFS’ers. It’s all just them selling and selling.

Gideon: “People have to make a living, but they are going overboard right now. It’s not right. We know why they’re doing it. It’s not right.”

Bill: By watching their behaviour, we can get an idea of what’s coming.

Gideon: “We can, and these groups, like the Q Anon groups, the GESARA groups, the QFS groups, they make this very, very easy for the cabal. Very easy. Of course, we know they are working for the cabal, but even if they weren’t, they just hurt the cause with this lunacy.”

Bill: They do. It’s delusional. Their claims are fantasy. I read it everyday. There’s a post from JFK Jr. going around saying, “The military’s in charge, don’t worry, wait a little longer.” It’s crazy.

Gideon: “A lot of these people started out on the right track, Bill. Investigating Pizza Gate, which is real. Sandy Hook, a staged event. Looking at the pedophiles in the government ranks, of which there are many. Then the gatekeepers came in and steered it all away from that, and steered people into believing nonsense.”

Bill: If people would just listen to what we are saying and realize most of the people they trust are Sovereign, their whole house of cards would come crashing down. But instead, people just feed all their energy and money into these gatekeepers!

Gideon: “It would all end tomorrow if people just stopped giving these Sovereigns everything, their time, money, attention. It’s a matter of whether people care enough to fight for this, Bill. For what we’re trying to do and expose. We can only do so much.”

Bill: You talked before about us hitting a plateau, or ceiling, I feel like we’re seeing that now.

Gideon: “We’ve been escalated. This is where they do the shadow banning. So yes, it’s happening.”

Bill: Michael was pretty depressed today. He’s down. I’m a little down. The Telegram was getting really negative, it has to be agents.

Gideon: “Take a deep breath and pause for a moment. We’ve accomplished a lot in just a little over a week. And don’t let Telegram get you down. You have a lot of good people on your side, focus on them.”

Bill: Good, thank you, we will. There are a ton of good people!

Gideon: “They’re the ones who matter. Give them your positive energy, ignore the noise-makers and agents. Their job isn’t to just bring us down, Bill, their job is to destroy us. Give them no quarter.”

Bill: We’re just going to get happier with the ban hammer. The arguing, the back and forth, it just wastes time. They’re not there for answers, at all.

Gideon: “The last thing they care about is getting answers. They just want to frustrate you, waste time, ask the same questions over and over. They know they could read the articles, but they don’t. They’re not interested in the truth. If they were, they would just read what you’ve posted!”

Bill: I’m done engaging. I told Michael, if they don’t read the articles first, we’re not going to sit there and spend all day babysitting them. They can ask them after they inform themselves.

Gideon: “Smart, I like it. Stick with that.”

Bill: We will. So, people are asking about USDR and Sovereigns. Let’s cover some questions I’m getting.

Gideon: “Ok.”

Bill: If you’re a Sovereign, your children under 18 are Sovereign, too, correct?

Gideon: “Yes, same for all classes. Your class extends to your children. Usually a husband and wife will be in the same class, but not always. If you are Sovereign, however, you are almost always in the same class as your spouse.”

Bill: After age 18, then the social score activates?

Gideon: “They actually activate it at the age of 10. Before that, there’s no score.”

Bill: That’s very young. I guess they want the control and manipulation to start early.

Gideon: “We are already seeing it, with this push with transgenderism and sexualizing kids at a very young age. Once they have their Reset, expect that all to go into overdrive.”

Bill: Will they make paedophilia legal?

Gideon: “I don’t know, but I think if this Reset happens, they will absolutely decriminalize it.”

Bill: God, they’re sick.

Gideon: “We’re up against monsters maybe not even of this world.”

Bill: What about the monthly stipend. Everyone over 18 gets that?

Gideon: “Yes, 18 and over. Under 18, they don’t get anything at all. If they have no parents or anyone to help them, they will have some programs for those people. I’m not expecting homelessness will be widespread. They want everyone vaccinated and caught up in their social tracking.

The kids without anything, they’ll experiment on them, put them in big dormitories full of Metaverse stuff and drugs they’ll put in them. They’ll give them some nice stuff so they kids think it’s cool, but it’s just all there for experimentation. Long-term, they want to break up the family, and they want the older people to have fake virtual babies and families.

They’ll also try to get the younger kids to legally separate from their parents, you’ll see more of that being pushed. Kids as young as ten or twelve being told, ‘You can legally separate from your parents, why don’t you do that.’”

Bill: It’s beyond heinous. And we haven’t touched on the vaccines.

Gideon: “We need to. Let’s have something separate, maybe a different article we can talk about what they plan. I’m not talking about the Covid vaccines or the fake pandemic, I mean what they are planning for the future.”

Bill: We’ll do that. It’s so many topics. I guess we need to try to stay focused on one at a time.

Gideon: “It’s overwhelming for people. We need to break it down into topics as best we can, and let people know how emotionally draining this is to hear. This is devastating for people. I already know the truth, and talking about it with you, it drains me.”

Bill: This is why hope, or hopium works. People need it.

Gideon: “They do, very badly. But people also have to be strong, too. This is a time to draw upon strength inside of ourselves, and strength from God.”

Bill: I’ve had people still saying this can’t work. It’s impossible. They could never do it.

Gideon: “It’s important people realize this can’t happen now. It couldn’t happen five years ago. It couldn’t happen at any point our well-oiled capitalistic system was working.”

Bill: They need a collapse.

Gideon: “The collapse serves them in many ways. It completely absolves the debt, the Trillions in debt. It resets it. It allows them to concentrate all their wealth into one currency, in this case, USDR. It allows them to siphon it all off. It allows them to buy up land and resources cheaper. It’s just this mass consolidation and transition into worldwide Communism.”

Bill: People need to study Communism to understand this.

Gideon: “They do. Can it work? Probably not forever. Communism usually fails, eventually. But this cabal might get a good thirty or forty years out of it, and during that time kill Billions of people and plunge this world into slavery.”

Bill: Even if it fails, they can still try something else, feudalism, totalitarianism, a dictatorship.

Gideon: “And they will, they won’t hesitate. It’s going to be a mixture of those things, too, with heavy propaganda.”

Bill: You will own nothing and be happy.

Gideon: “The be happy part is interesting. It means they aren’t attempting to put us all in some big, miserable prison. They want to get rid of free-thinkers like you and me, and the rest, they want to experiment on, while they feed them Metaverse fantasies and give them drugs and vaccines.”

Bill: A lot of the Hollywood stuff the past decade has alluded to this.

Gideon: “It’s not even that, they have directly told us what they want, Bill. They’ve said it publicly over and over. They are trans-humanists. They want to create a new race of humans, sort of half human, half nano-injected, half machine, half cyborg, all under their control.”

Bill: They want us to just be rats in a cage.

Gideon: “They want us all in ‘smart’ cities, packed together, watched, monitored, fed drugs, hooked up to VR devices, living out Metaverse fantasies most of the day.”

Bill: Some people will think this is a good life.

Gideon: “They will. But you can’t forget, vaccination is mandatory. You have no free speech. Little freedom of movement. No assets. For a person of a free mind, it can never be OK for them. For the average Leftist, it will be good, they’ll be content. They want to be controlled.”

Bill: We’re not just facing the cabal, we’re facing a horde of brainwashed Americans and Europeans who will think this is all a great thing.

Gideon: “They’ll be told they’re saving the planet.”

Bill: Are they?

Gideon: “There are much smarter ways to save the environment. Reducing CO2 is idiotic, and not even based on actual science. Meanwhile, the oceans fill up with these Covid masks, and the electric car batteries are an environmental nightmare.”

Bill: They could release the free energy secrets, but they never will.

Gideon: “All of their control would be gone in an instant if they did that, so no, they never will.”

Bill: When I look at this, I see how exposing the Sovereigns is very scary for them, because that brings in the Leftists. The Leftists won’t like that.

Gideon: “They will be against it. Because this will be sold as a way for all of us to come together, get rid of the greedy, rich capitalists who caused the collapse, and all be equal.”

Bill: The Sovereigns will pretend to be Common. They’ll hide their true wealth. Can they really pull that off?

Gideon: “Only with CSRQ. Not now, Bill, the world is too free. But after the collapse, and once all this in place, they will be able to control information and control people. Remember, if you go online and say, ‘I think these politicians and celebrities are hiding all their money,’ you will get fined and put into the R class, and so on. Then you will shut up after that.”

Bill: But some people won’t.

Gideon: “Drones will pay them a visit.”

Bill: I’ve had a lot of people push back against the drones, they say it’s not possible. They say we’re wrong about the drones.

Gideon: “They are either agents or unbelievably uninformed, maybe wilfully ignorant. The drone tech is extremely advanced even in the civilian sector. Anyone can look that up. But isn’t interesting, Bill, how it isn’t talked about much?”

Bill: I don’t hear about it much. I mean, it’s there, but it’s not something you see highlighted often, in terms of how amazing these drones are.

Gideon: “It’s sort of passed off as a non-threat, or not a potential threat. People just think, ‘Oh, drones are used for little flying competitions, or maybe a mountain rescue.’ It’s so naive. The drones are a battlefield upgrade akin to going from the musket to the semiautomatic rile, maybe a bigger leap. Maybe more like TNT to nuclear weapons.”

Bill: The people who say nukes don’t exist won’t like that analogy.

Gideon: “We can’t please everyone.”

Bill: Back to the drones. This is really a big deal. The agents don’t like you talking about it.

Gideon: “No, it’s a huge secret. It’s top secret, classified programs. The tech is way, way beyond what we see, what they let us see. Twenty years ahead. The drones are incredibly fast, powerful and equipped with high tech weapons.”

Bill: I have the film, the Slaughterbots film, how accurate do you think this is?

Gideon: “I have very good reason to believe that little short film was made on purpose and is predictive programming. The budget is, well, a lot. It took a lot to make that. It is very interesting. People need to watch it and think about it.”

Bill: Is there any defence against these?

Gideon: “Sort of. A home microwave can be dismantled and turned into what’s called a HERF, or high energy radio frequency weapon. Not easy to make. Not guaranteed to work. Not guaranteed to stop a swarm. Bill, don’t you think DARPA with a budget of Trillions didn’t do a little research into this?”

Bill: You mean the measures that might be used to stop drones?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: I’m sure they did. So they are ready for what might get thrown at them?

Gideon: “More than ready. And what have preppers been doing, Bill? Have they been preparing for drones?”

Bill: No.

Gideon: “No. Precisely. They’re preparing for other threats, and convinced guns are going to work. Guns aren’t going to stop anything. Nothing. I wonder who has been pushing the guns, well, the gate keepers have.”

Bill: God, people can’t hear that. People can’t believe that. Americans love their guns.

Gideon: “It’s sticks and stones up against Terminators.”

Bill: You’re getting into the area of doom and gloom and people are not going to like you.

Gideon: “We wouldn’t be here, in this situation, if Americans had cleaned out their corrupt government twenty or thirty years ago, maybe further back than that. Maybe the JFK assassination. Maybe WWII. Hell, World War I. All of Washington D.C. should have been hung up by the lampposts ten times over by now.”

Bill: Americans were distracted, lazy, scared, no fight, I guess.

Gideon: “Just too easily duped by the media apparatus and the gatekeepers they worship.”

Bill: What do you think of January 6th?

Gideon: “Well, other than the fact it was a Fed op, I think it showed how scared they are of Americans actually doing something. They acted like it was worse than Pearl Harbor. Their den of villainy and thievery got stomped on a little bit. They are very, very upset somebody went into their house of ill-repute and knocked some things over.”

Bill: They wanted to make an example of anyone who might think of over throwing their corrupt cabal.

Gideon: “Exactly. We all know, Americans could march into D.C. and take it all back, but they’ve now been bullied. If you so much as raise a fist, you might get thrown into Federal prison.”

Bill: It’s sad, and pathetic.

Gideon: “The country’s lost, Bill. Canada’s got more guts. Some of these European countries got more fight in them. These third world places are more free.”

Bill: I feel sorry for Americans. It’s not going to go well for them.

Gideon: “America and Europe will get smashed from all this, the collapse, I mean. It will be horrible in those places. It will be hell. Maybe for a few weeks, maybe a few months, but hell. Like Sri Lanka, but worse.”

Bill: Then they come in as saviours with their Reset and new plan, and free money.

Gideon: “And mandatory vaccines.”

Bill: But people will be so scared and desperate, they’ll go for it.

Gideon: “They will. We need to stop it now.”

Bill: We have to. We have got to get this information out.

Gideon: “I don’t want it to come to our back up plan. Let’s just nip this in the bud. If we can keep pushing, we’ll get there. Just keep pushing each and every day. We need to reach a tipping point, a saturation point. Where enough people see this, the cat is out of the bag and the cabal has to change plans. For me, it’s around 50 million views, it could be 40 million, or we might need 60 million. We have a goal, let’s reach it!”

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