Did the Idaho police arrest a patsy??? ON PURPOSE!!!

Did the Idaho police arrest a patsy??? ON PURPOSE!!!

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‘Shocked’ Idaho ‘killer’ Bryan Kohberger plans to DENY murders, attorney says, was put on suicide watch and will agree to extradition from Pennsylvania, as Moscow police chief now says he believes suspect acted alone

Since the suspect had never been arrested before, and search warrant just issued yesterday, how did the police get suspects DNA before yesterday?
His is pleading innocent and cooperating with extradition, so he will be moved to Idaho next week.  This is what someone would do if they are innocent.  Innocent people cooperate as much as possible to get their name cleared.  The guilty don’t cooperate at all, and are hoping the police will make a mistake, so they can get off scott free on a technicality.
Media has dropped the “alleged” part when discussing this case, so the media is setting a narrative that he is guilty before being tried.
Timing of the arrest of “someone” fits nicely to allow students to return to school next week, without fear.
Just because he has a white Elantra vehicle and went to school in the area does not make him the murderer.  The FBI searched through 22,000 Elantra’s that were possible suspect cars.  How do we know this is the one?
And he did not “run” as Kaylee’s parents have suggested.  He was a college student who went home for Christmas break to be with his family.  Nothing illogical or out of the ordinary there at all.
Where is the connection between this suspect and the girls, who were targeted?  He was a graduate student at a university in Washington, not Idaho so they would not have met on campus.  Possibly he came to a party at their home?  If so, TONS of people/men came to parties at this “Party House”.  If he attended a party there, that would explain his DNA being there, along with hundreds of other men.
No one is saying he was the Stalker.  So who was the Stalker, that was stalking the girls the night of the murder?
I hate to say it, but I think the police came up with a “patsy” to fit the bill.  I’m wondering if the police will plant evidence in his belongings, to make him look guilty. 
Motivation for a patsy: The keystone cops famously dropped the ball many times in this investigation, leaving the most vital clues up to concerned citizens to find key evidence.  People were complaining publicly that the police were bungling this case, many experienced people have suggested the police were deliberately bungling this case……likely because they were told by their Free Mason handlers (or someone) to Stand Down on this case.  The public refused to let this case go cold, so the police needed to come up with SOMEONE, anyone who might fit the bill, to get the public off their back, for their obvious bungling/standing down/throwing of this case.
Parents of the girls don’t know of a connection with this suspect.  They have “suspicions” of possible connections, that they won’t divulge, but that’s all.  This guy Bryan was NEVER on a list of possible suspects.  The parents of Kaylee publicly said, that some people who have been “cleared” from the list of possible suspects, were “cleared” too soon, meaning the parents were convinced that someone on the list of possible suspects was the murderer……and the police refuse to arrest him or name him.  This is why they famously went public, and got the media to put a spotlight on the bungling keystone cops.
Motivation for a patsy: the 2nd motivation for naming “someone” as a suspect and arresting that suspect, is SCHOOL STARTS next week at the University!  Lots of pressure on the police to wrap up this case (or APPEAR to wrap up this case), BEFORE school starts.  A bit too convenient/coincidental, I would say.
Also, how would it look, if this suspect, a graduate student who teaches other students, came back to Washington State University, to resume his teaching responsibilities and resuming his graduate studies.  If he had had an opportunity to come back to school next week, it would NOT “look” like he had “run”.  Arresting him the day before when he would have driven back to school, makes it appear to the uninformed that he was a fugitive who had run from his crime.  Its a 2 day+ drive to get back to school.  As a Teaching Assistant, he would have had classes to teach starting on Jan 2nd or Jan 3rd.
In fact he did not “run” after the murderers.  He finished the semester, and then went back east to spend Christmas with his family.  All perfectly normal.
Lastly, what about the guy that was obviously STALKING the girls that last night?  And what about the guy Jack Showalter and his family who pulled up stakes and fled to So. Africa, after the parents provided (most likely phony) alibi for their son. <<<very suspicious actions that speak of GUILT! This Jack who got kicked out of the frat house, and moved to apartment building right behind the girl’s house, where he could watch their every move?  Jack Showalter who went to high school with one of the girls in the house, (one of the girls who did not get killed that night?), and thus had been to the Party House on many occassions, and would have known the layout very well, including whose bedroom is whose.
DrShowalter serves as medical director for pediatric orthopedics at St. Luke’s Children’s. He is a member of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America. In his free time, DrShowalter enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and four grown sons. He loves to hike, camp, fly fish and play any competitive game. Medical School… <<<One grown son is Jack Showalter, who was the murderer.  Jack has 2 older brothers, who are twins, who have been training to become doctors themselves, following in parents foot steps.  Dr Larry Showalter loves the outdoors, field and stream, type sports……like hunting too???  So he has a cabin in a rural area not too far from Boise, ID???  This all fits with what we have been told about Jack Showalter (who has scrubbed his existance off all social media), who fled to his parents cabin after the murder.

Father: Dr. Larry Duane Showalter graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Medical School in 1988. He works in Boise, ID and 14 other locations and specializes in Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Showalter is affiliated with St Luke’s Meridian Medical Center.

Mother: Dr. Kelly R. Showalter is a pediatrician in Boise, Idaho and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center. She received her medical degree from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and has been in practice for more than 20 years.
Very Last, recall that the Police Chief said publicly, yesterday, that students should remain VIGILANT.  Why?  Because he knows they don’t really have the murderer in custody???

Well, stay tuned. 
I’m not convinced yet that they have arrested the real murderer.  They have just arrested “someone” to get the University off their backs and the Public off their backs.
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