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June 2021
Censoring evidence based facts, keeps a large % of the public cycling in a false sense of security. People who are aware of the truth can help by speaking the truth into greater abundance.


Nursing home workers reject boosters

Dec 27.22
By Dr. Peter McCullough

Given prior history of nosocomial [hospital spread infection] and mortality in nursing homes, abysmal uptake for boosters could be signaling the following possibilities:

1) nursing home staff witnessed COVID-19 vaccine induced deaths and serious complications,
2) most workers had COVID-19 before and or after vaccination and felt it worthless,
3) staff and administration are not convinced on the regulatory approval of bivalent vaccines with no human testing,
4) administration, which is ubiquitously stressed with staffing shortages, has quietly dropped COVID-19 vaccination to keep the workforce intact and avoid the 25% rate of incapacitation/unable to work for a few days as reported in the CDC V-Safe data.

The booster rate of nursing home workers is the most telling statistic of the failed COVID-19 vaccination campaign. If this group cannot or will not take the shots, then no one should have to take one under any circumstance and the entire line of products can be pulled off the market as I stated in the US Senate on Dec 7, 2022.


Organs of deceased people who were jabbed prove auto immune attack

By Dr. Sucharit Bhadki

The facts are on the table. All gene based vaccines, independent of manufacturer, produce the same damning results; they are killing people young and old.


Legal Update: How to Stop the Shots?

Dec 19.22
Attorney Flores noted that a key obstacle to winning cases in courts of law has been the judiciary’s reluctance to engage with science. However, he stressed that the courts of law and courts of public opinion operate together, and thanks to doctors and scientists such as those presenting at this symposium today, the public is armed with accurate information, which will influence the courts.




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