McCarthy’s Exhibits Unparalleled Arrogance and Hubris by This Shocking Act of Brash Entitlement

“McCarthy moved into the Speaker’s office, assuming that his election is a foregone conclusion. His incredibly arrogant sense of entitlement and his overweening ambition disqualifies him from being Speaker of the House or even serving in Congress anymore.”   — EOT

Already making himself at home: Kevin McCarthy has ALREADY moved into the Speaker’s office – despite uprising by 14 Republicans – and insists ‘we will have a good day tomorrow’ as he hurries out of the Capitol

  • House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s staff were seen moving his belongings into the Speaker’s chambers earlier on Monday, reportedly standard procedure
  • But with less than 24 hours until the House-wide vote, it appears he may not have the 218 supporters necessary to win the Speaker’s gavel
  • McCarthy appeared somewhat rushed as he hurried out of the Capitol today 

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