FAKE JEWS: The Babylonian Radhanites and their Synagogue of Satan Explained

Gabriel’s Horn

It’s a 4,000 year old death and usury cult. Its followers worship Moloch and Mammon, and must make human sacrifices to appease their gods. These sacrifices are in the form of the slaughters of war, deadly drugs and injections, abortion. They keep the world whipped and chained in usury debt slavery. The Pilgrims Society, Boston Brahmins, Senior Executive Services, WHO, WEF, UN, NATO, U.S. government and military (etc.) operate within this chain of command.

Jesus called them out in Rev 2:9 as being the Synagogue of Satan so their identity has been known for thousands of years. AIMcats have incarnated in this timeline to expose Satan and his demons, and drive him back to hell and put a lid on the Kali Yuga as we lead a Remnant of humanity into the Satya Yuga.

READ HERE: https://aim4truth.org/2022/10/07/worldwide-banking-usury-the-worship-of-mammon-is-the-base-sin-that-humanity-can-overcome-by-the-year-of-jubilee/


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