Will McCarthy even be worse than the worst Speaker ever?!?!?!

Excerpt from Here Are the WINNERS and LOSERS in House Vote for Speaker

Posted by By Jim Hoft

Here are a few of Nancy’s accomplishments:

** Most radical pro-abortion Speaker in US history
** Supported abortion up to the birth of the baby
** Supported late-term abortion
** Frequently corrupted Bible verses to push her demented vision for America
** Ten times Nancy Pelosi repudiated her Catholic faith
** Pushed vicious lies – she knew were not honest – about President Trump and Russia
** Used government aircraft as a private taxi for family and friends
** Worst spender in US history
** Created the worst inflation rate in 40 years
** Left economy in shambles – worst bond-stock markets since 1871
** Increased taxes on working class
** Slandered the Tea Party
** Slandered Trump
** Slandered Trump voters
** Secretly decreased security at US Capitol on Jan 6th
** Refused National Guard on January 6th
** Lined up a film crew for January 6th
** Led war on fossil fuels
** Responsible for energy prices at record highs
** Pushed radical energy policies
** Worst gas prices ever
** Broke government
** Supported open borders
** Supported sex education to grade schoolers and toddlers
** Pushed “voting rights act” to destroy elections in the US forever
** Pushed Obamacare – raised healthcare costs to record levels
** Led the Defund Police movement
** Supported violent and destructive BLM 2020 movement
** Got rich with insider trading
** Escorted her family around the globe with her to seek business deals for personal wealth
** Perpetual liar


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