Neocon Successes Afloat Until They Sink

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The Bank of England hath the benefit of interest on money it created out of nothing. William Paterson 1694, 1stGov of the Bank of England.

John Wilkes Booth killed President Lincoln paving the way for the end of the non-interest bearing Greenback. Wilkes was the name of unrelated neighbors in Baltimore. Booth is from the Jewish holiday Festival of Booths. Booth pere was a Jewish silversmith in London who wanted his son to become a lawyer, not an actor.

Last year American taxpayers paid $706 billion in interest that would never have been due if the Greenback were still in use as there would be no national debt and no interest paid on that fictional debt. Interest bearing currencies like the dollar, the pound, the euro and the yen transfer wealth from working people to bank owners until those currencies collapse and creditors take away everything we had owned.

As the friends of Klaus Schwab say, “You will own nothing and be happy.”

President Kennedy had demanded that he be able to inspect the Dimona nuclear power plant in Israel. David Ben-Gurion was furious and said NO. He resigned his premiership and dedicated himself to the plan to kill JFK.There were other interests with strong financial motives to take down President Kennedy.

Globalist Bankers want to take down America so it was not powerful enough to say No to their plans. The Neocons initiated a series of schemes to take down America which included the following:

They began to flood American with legal and illegal aliens. That is an ongoing process designed to dilute the power of the natives, lowering their real wages.

In 1945 Fletcher Prouty saw a shipment of weapons being sent to Hanoi to help the Viet Minh against the French and later the US.

North Korea was given to Jose Stalin at the end of WW II by FDR men inside the Truman administration.

I explained both the Korean and Vietnam wars before I graduated from high school and before the Assassination of JFK as “Communism is Jewish. Everyone who is anti-Communist is really Antisemitic and deserves to die.” That is why I told my classmates to get into the US Army and get out before 1965.

I remember warning liberal schoolteachers that they would hate teaching school after the Vietnam war put drugs into every White high school in America.

Killing President Kennedy made Bankers very happy. His death got us into the war which the London and New York Bankers wanted us to lose badly. It demoralized young men and taught them that America could lose a war. To this day Bankers launder a trillion dollars a year in drugs, illegal weapons and human trafficking. Slavery, smuggling, espionage and torture have been traditional Jewish occupations for 2,000 years. The Bankers also launder $500 billion a year in offshore political bribes.

The criminals and their Banker patrons are very much a part of the New World Order. I have explained the New World Order as the replacement of One Man One Vote with One Bank One vote.

In 2008 David Rothkopf, former CEO of Kissinger and Associates, wrote the book Superclass in which he explained to everyone that the world was run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions.

The British version of the Neocons took $45 trillion out of the British Raj which would include India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They also got Her Majesty’s Jewish Government declare two Opium wars on China so they could make sufficient money from drugs to replace the African slave trade.

All that corruption prevents democratic voices from people below from reaching the ruling Elite. It also enriches the ruling families and their Minions. Dr Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts have documented the theft of $30 trillion from US taxpayers. Dr Skidmore and many others believe that the Elite have the right to sell US Treasury bonds and pocket the proceeds of the sale giving the taxpayers the obligation to pay both the principle and the interest on the Elite’s pocketed trillions.

The plot to take down America involved flooding the country with legal and illegal aliens but this can also be said of Europe, Canada and Australia. The US pays the UN to feed migrants, to clothe them and transport them to our borders. The goal is to force the United States to join a UN sponsored regional government of Canada, the US and Mexico. But to do that American and Canadian wages must be brought down to the level of Mexico. That will be happening sooner than most people think.

In 1928 there were 28 million Mexicans. Today there are 132 million Mexicans and 34 million Mexican-Americans. In 1960 California home pries were reasonable. Today homes in Santa Clara county (Silicon Valley) average $1.5 million and the property tax is a mere $14,000 a year. Life is unlivable. Biden has allowed more than 5 million illegal aliens into the country since January 2021. This latest round forced shelters to kick Americans out into the streets so they could house illegal aliens.

The worst is yet to come and it will come suddenly changing American life to its core. Ron Paul said the US went off the gold exchange standard and went on the US military standard. Those days are coming to an end rather abruptly.

The Russians have changed commanders in the Ukraine from an Air Force General who oversaw an air campaign to a new man, a tank commander. The Russian Wagner Group has taken Soledar north of Bakhmut. The area had 125 miles of salt mines which were useful to the Ukrainian military. The Ukrainians lost 17,000 men at Soledar.

There is a line of towns about 80 miles (128 kms) from the frontlines that are Ukrainian supply points. A strong Russian army could bypass Kharkov and head south to Kramatorsk and even further south meeting up with another army coming from the Donbass towards Pokrvosk. This would cut the Donbass off from ammunition, food and diesel forcing the surrender of the Ukrainians and the 40,000 or so NATO soldiers serving in Ukrainian uniforms.

That failure in the Ukraine would bring about a rather spectacular end to the US petrodollar and the US military standard. We used to print trillions of dollars to pay for 857 foreign military bases and to maintain the illusion that America was a wealthy nation as opposed to just one more nation occupied by billionaire Zionists. We also used to blow up countries like Iraq and Libya to force them to accept dollars. No more.

It is said Neocons make bad choices like invading Afghanistan because they never get fired for being wrong. Some feared that the Neocons would set off a coup in Saudi Arabia. This is beyond insane as occupying Mecca would deeply antagonize 1.8 billion Muslims. Russia decided to stop the US coup before it started by giving Iran their Mach 12 Kinzhal missile which digs a 30 meter (98 foot) deep hole where the target used to be. They followed up by selling the Iranians 24 SU-35 jets which are far superior to anything the US flies.

I expect the Dollar to Die before the November 2024 elections. The world will soon reject the US Dollar as just another printing press currency. This will be a spectacular event in American history, wages will be permanently cut 60%. The Neocons believe their Nation Security-Surveillance State will protect them from the sudden impoverishment of the masses. As I said before, I expect Nationwide food riots by the summer of 2024 at the latest. I do not see an easy exit for the Neocons.

This was the second and final part of a series. Part One was Neocon Failures Abound:

I have said we will likely avoid WW III. Putin is strengthening the Russian military so their American counterparts will see the futility of invading the Ukraine with American and Polish soldiers. I wrote this: Ukraine Da, WW III Nyet:



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