Biden “Classified Document” Scandal: A Contrived and Obvious Psyop to Thwart Serious House Investigations into Biden Crime Family


I am becoming more convinced that this entire scenario concerning Biden and the possession of classified information is totally contrived, controlled and a farce. Yes, this could be used to remove Biden from office, but at any time there has been multiple significant reasons that would justify his removal. So the question comes down to, why at this time, and for what reason. I have read many speculations, and I believe that some of them have some merit.

The “story” is that Biden’s personal lawyers found a classified document/s four days before the November midterm elections. They contacted the DOJ, and the DOJ had one of their personnel/lawyers begin an investigation. The DOJ and Bidens personal lawyers continued to work together, and other documents were discovered. Just this week, this information started to leak out through the same news sources that gave us the Russia, Russia hoax, and all the other lies that have been generated by our FBI, DOJ, CIA, and state departments.

This “incident” might also be utilized for the elimination of Biden from the presidential office, but I believe that it is primarily a mechanism to control and prevent the release of any information or testimony to Congress about anything connected with Biden and the members of his crime family.

Not only do we have no evidence that anything that has been reported from the Justice Department, news agencies or Biden staff really happened. It all Could be contrived. The people who found the classified documents are Biden’s personal lawyers. They cannot testify about anything that’s in relationship to their client. Biden’s staff would be exempted by presidential privilege and the FBI/DOJ will not testify or release any information due to this being an “ongoing investigation.” The lawyer that was chosen by the attorney general to lead the investigation has had significant working relationships with both Rosenstein and Wray. It has been reported that he was one of only two lawyers that were retained who had been nominated by Trump. Well, choosing personnel wasn’t one of Trumps strong suits, and the Biden justice system would only retain those who were of like mind.

If the “story” has any accuracy, The Democrats could have recognized that they were going to lose control of the house shortly before the midterm elections, so then set up the whole scenario. Of course everything was kept “secret.” It wasn’t until after McCarthy was sworn in as speaker of the house, and it was realized that he had to make a deal with the real conservatives which included all of the investigations into the Democrat activities over the last six years, that they started letting out this “story” about Biden and classified materials.

This whole farce is primarily a blocking mechanism to prevent the Republicans and the people of the United States from learning anything because of the “ongoing investigations.”

Nothing is going to happen, as usual!


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