Is the US about to – TRY – to ‘Spread Democracy’ to Saudi Arabia?

Is the US about to – try – to ‘Spread Democracy’ to Saudi Arabia?

Steven Lawrence Kayser

casus belli, noun, ca·​sus bel·​li ˈkä-səs-ˈbe-ˌlē ˈkā-səs-ˈbe-ˌlī

an event or action that justifies or allegedly justifies a war or conflict

It appears that the leaders of ‘The West’ would rather risk it all in a winner take all battle for the world’s remaining oil resources rather than mature into a low consumption, advanced peacefull society.

I don’t know what Real war drums sound like, because I was not alive during The Great Patriotic War WW2. These stories, however, when added to my last post, Peak oil – requires – actions – irrespective – of – enduring – values, have the hair on the back of my neck tingling.

First, an oldie but a goodie:

“Shoigu … noted that Russia had many new weapons systems that have “proven themselves well in Syria,”

…and now…

“There are no issues with discussing how we settle our trade arrangements, whether it is in the US dollar, whether it is the euro, whether it is the Saudi riyal,” Mohammed Al-Jadaan told Bloomberg TV

Once upon a time, not long ago, when any country openly stated that they would accept other than us currency for oil, democracy came-a-callin. Why would this time be any different?

Since the The Entire fracking industry says “We can’t increase production because we have to make money”, it makes straight line logical sense that Saudi Arabia, with all the distasteful beheadings and the Khashoggi affair and all, might soon gets some democracy.

Coincidentally, that would solve two problems with one democratization. Taking control of Saudi oil production could also keep the ball rolling down the road for quite a few more decades years.

Of course, the form of America going to War after being sneak attacked by the cowardly enemy must be obeyed, so cue up an attack on Saudi Arabia. Damm, it would be great if Netanyahu was back in charge in Israel. He could stir up a hornets nest down there for us. Oh, yeah…

“If we are abandoned, Prime Minister Netanyahu will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities,” Hanegbi said … Hanegbi last week stepped into his new role as head of the National Security Council”

Awkward. That damned Russian Saudi security deal – and – Russia’s hypersonic missile-armed ship to patrol global seas, – and – Putin claims that the military-industrial complex of The Russian Federation produces as many air defence missiles per year as the rest of the world. (Who is – now – saying they are running out of ammo?)

Of course, maintaining a military industrial complex of that scale only makes sense from the country that defeated Napolean at such horrific cost while winning WW2 The Great Patriotic War, again at such horrible cost.

So here is a prediction. This is straight line logic based on just available facts.

  1. Israel attacks Iran.
  2. Iran retaliates, along with allies China and Russia, and whether by false flag or other accident, Saudi and other strategic ellipse oil facilities get damaged.
  3. US military engages to protect American interests.
  4. The Straights of Hormuz get closed, even temporarily.
  5. Russia, China, and Iran target US aircraft carrier groups and bases with significant success.
  6. Tactical new generation Nuclear weapons get used. Both sides suffer horrific losses. The global population recoils in horror.
  7. A ceasefire ensues.
  8. The devastation to the fossil fuel energy infrastructure of the strategic ellipse that occurs in just a few days would take decades to rebuild.
  9. Western Banks all fail. Stock portfolio’s, pensions’s, non-productive real estate, all fall to near zero.
  10. World falls into currently unimaginable depression.
  11. Bill Gates ‘the next pandemic will get attention this time’ erupts. (Incidentally, people realize it no longer matters whether Karen Kingston or Sasha Latipova is right.)
  12. “Countries with heavy investment before the war, probably through private companies, in renewable energy production, renewable drive technology, and an advanced technical society that stays out of the worst of the conflict far relatively much better.” (Paraphrased from Lietenant Colonel Thoms Witt and team.)

What to do? What to do? I have a dream of people coming out of hiding places in the mountains and singing that they had survived and could now create “a low consumption, advanced peaceful society.”


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