What really happened during the Covid ‘vaccine truth’ forum at the Pandemic Strategies Conference held in Stockholm on 1/22/23 and shown in the video posted above?!

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger Silenced by
Dr. Ryan Cole at Pandemic Strategies Conference 1-22-23

Submitted by Harold Saive

“Dr Glenn Dormer, an attendee in the audience said: “I was very emotionally touched and I stood up in the audience, there were 800 people, and I said: “this woman is risking her life to tell more truth than we have heard in the last 2 days in this congregation.”

She worked off-script. She actually started to show what the plan is, and she said: “this is what WHO was and what it has become, part of this control grid.” And the longer these 15 minutes went, the more it was clear to me, I told this to the people sitting next to me, “she’s going off-script”.

And I then noticed at the bottom at the front row where all the reserve seats for the people running the conference and speakers, suddenly a very great amount of activity, people running back and forth, Sven Roman, who was in charge of the Läkarupproret, I could see him going to the person sponsoring the conference.

I saw a little bit of panic, because they now had one of their own who was the last speaker at the conference, she was not only giving breadcrumbs, she was giving the whole picture. So one of the speakers, Dr Ryan Cole, stood up and basically took the microphone after 40 minutes. They had to have a reason why they had to demic her after only 40.”


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