Petition calling for a Covid vax investigation now circulating throughout the Airline Industry.

If you work for an airline, airport, or FAA in any capacity, please sign our petition calling for an investigation

The FAA’s top administrators believe they should ignore all medical incidents involving the COVID vaccine and not investigate any of them. If you think this is wrong, sign our petition now.

Steve Kirsch

The FAA ✈️ on Twitter: "“If a young person can't see it, they can't be it.” We take a closer look at the career of FAA Federal Air Surgeon Dr. Susan Northrup,
Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup is the top medical officer of the FAA. She’s never looked into any pilot health issues related to the jab. When given contact information of injured pilots, she didn’t call them or return their calls. They simply do not care about pilot / flight attendant / traffic controller safety. Please sign our petition and together we will put an end to this.

Executive Summary

If you work for an airline or airport or the FAA, please help support injured pilots and flight attendants by signing the petition requesting the FAA to investigate why it failed to investigate every injury of a flight attendant or pilot related to the COVID vaccine. The petition has been signed by pilots and flight attendants from every major airline.


As I predicted, the FAA and airline CEOs ignored my article detailing how the FAA ignored all the people who have become incapacitated or died following the COVID vaccine.

So now I’m joining with pilots from every major US airline in taking the next step which is to gather support from over 20,000 people who work in US airline infrastructure (pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, ticket counter employees, etc).

If you work for an airline, airport, or FAA, we need you to sign this petition now

The petition simply calls for the FAA to investigate the allegations that have been made about the lack of investigations on COVID vaccine related incidents that have killed or disabled pilots, flight attendants, and air controllers. You cannot be fired for signing the petition and I’m not releasing any of the names.

After you sign the petition, ask 10 of your airline/airport/FAA employee friends to sign it too (including FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc).

You will be absolutely amazed at how powerful a simple petition like this can be.

If you work in any capacity for an airline or airport or FAA (including FedEx, etc), sign the petition now and you will be amazed about how effective this will be. Trust me on this.

This is going to be EPIC.

How big a problem is this?

The FAA was wrong to consider the vaccines to be safe.

If you incapacitate 13.4% of the workforce for a negative benefit (you are more likely to get COVID with each shot per the Cleveland Clinic study), you have a federal agency which is in serious need of people who can think clearly.

According to the FAA, there are 166,738 airline pilots in the US. So they likely seriously injured over 22,000 pilots while making it more likely that the pilots get COVID. What a disaster.


In less than 24 hours, the petition has been signed by over 3,200 people from every major passenger and freight airline and the FAA.

All of these people are very upset that the FAA is turning a blind eye to employee safety at the airlines.

Over 1,500 people left comments. Here is a small sampling:

  1. Thank you, Steve. As a professional pilot for 45 years (and still flying professionally) I am appalled by the lack of regard for the risks to crewmember’s health posed by these experimental mRNA shots. My simulator partner for my initial training at my current airline took the jab and promptly lost sight in one eye due to a blood clot. He’ll never fly again. And he’s not the only casualty of this war on human health.
  2. Too many health incidents occurring and need investigating to see if it’s Vax related. Apparently FAA changed it’s protocol on evaluating pilot’s health.
  3. My friend, FedEx Capt Jeff Martin died on a layover in Dublin on or about 1/8/23. Dropped dead at dinner.  Funeral is Sunday.  He was fit, active , Christian man/husband/father/grandfather and a damn good guy
  4. 32 year United Technician terminated when United Airlines refused to honor my religious exemption request.
  5. A f/a I know died suddenly, I know she had at least 3 jabs.
  6. A friend of mine, fellow airline pilot, approx age 47 and in good shape, had a very bad reaction to his 2nd Pfizer. He had a heart attack 30 days later on Christmas eve 2021. He had just arrived at his mom’s house after a flight. Fortunately his brother in law witnessed it and performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. He required multiple stents in the following weeks because he kept forming clots. He did not want to speak out publicly because he was afraid if he did the union wouldn’t help him get his medical back. He is confident the jab caused his heart attack. He didn’t want to get the jab but gave in due to the mandate.A jump-seater I had on one of my flights mentioned he had multiple pulmonary embolisms a few weeks after the jab. The hospital told him he was within a couple days of death when he came in. His cardiologist and pulmonologist agreed it was a jab reaction.Another friend of mine witnessed a captain that had a heart attack at the gate next to him in Tampa in the first week of June, 2022. He saw the ambulance take him away. Somehow this stayed out of the media completely. I don’t know that pilot’s jab status though.

    A fellow pilot in training told me he was unable to walk for almost a week after the jab in late 2021.

    Multiple pilots I have flown with have told me they didn’t feel quite right after the jab.

    I have heard from a few pilots that have told me their spouses or family members suffer from tinnitus since the jab.

    A few pilots I have flown with told me they are convinced one or more of their family members died from the jab.

    I have a brother in law and nephew that have developed cancer since taking multiple jabs and boosters.

  7. I’ve flown with several pilots that say they are vaccine damaged.
  8. Know several flight attendants and pilots with adverse reactions after vaccine
  9. Colleague still unable to return to work following receiving COVID “vaccination”
  10. How can the FAA advocate an experimental drug that hasn’t been approved by the FDA when the law specifies you cannot be compelled to take
  11. I’m part of a group of Pilots and Flight Attendants and ground staff suing Hawaiian Airlines for denying our religious rights however I got this sent to me and I want to participate.

There are over 1,000 more just like these. But the FAA doesn’t want to see any of them. They don’t want to know.

Please sign our petition and let all your friends know about it. They will not change their behavior unless they are compelled to do so. Once we have 20,000 signatures, we will have negotiation leverage.



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