Putting Things In Perspective Regarding Biden’s Act of War

Carlsbad, CA
February 11, 2023

by Rich Scheck

The recent revelation by journalist Seymour Hersh asserts that the US was responsible for destroying the Nord Stream Pipeline.

If true, President Biden’s decision to do that has put everyone in extreme danger!

This amounted to an act of war against a sovereign nation, Russia, which has a vast trove of nukes.

Biden appears to have acted unilaterally and without the approval of Congress which is the proper Constitutional body for declaring war.

The reckless escalation of the conflict in Ukraine has created a situation of great peril to all of humanity.

Russia has apparently responded in the most dramatic way possible short of actually launching an attack against its perceived enemies by authorizing the first strike use of its nuclear weapons: https://www.stevequayle.com/index.php?s=33&d=2592

To the extent all this is true, it puts in perspective a significant shift of what is essential for everyone to concentrate on in the present moment.

We must all collectively focus with the greatest urgency on bringing an immediate end to this senseless regional struggle before it metastasizes further into a global conflagration that can destroy modern civilization in a matter of moments.

The warring parties need to replace the rhetoric and behavior of escalation with diplomacy that offers peace and prosperity instead of planetary destruction.

Anyone doubting the seriousness of the situation should read this:

In the face of such extreme peril, everything else has become relatively insignificant. We must find a path forward to constrain the dogs of war and replace them with a saner methodology for living together despite our differences.

All our plans for the future are at risk of annihilation: we must put things in perspective and insist that the formula for peace prevail lest we allow the current crisis to morph into something beyond tragic for everyone.

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