Folks, every resident connected to a municipal water supply needs to know about this database.

Everyone on municipal water needs to use the EWG Water Database

This situation in East Palestine Ohio is terrible and the citizens living there can NOT trust these officials testing their water (nor could they ever trust them)!  Officials are telling them the city water is fine to drink and even Representative Troy Nehls drank a glass of water in a Twitter post.  Grave mistake.  They’ve been lying to us about our water for years and the majority of water companies do NOT test for all the potential chemicals nor are they mandated to so.  Where I currently live, I have 3 cancer causing agents in my local municipal water and those chemicals do NOT show up on the cities annual water testing report.  How did I figure this out?  I introduce to you people who actually care about safe water and test for everything harmful.

Submitted by SOTN reader

EWG Water Database

*Enter your zip code and find the water company responsible for drinking water.  There is even info regarding the exact type of filtration necessary to get those harmful trace elements out of your water. 


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