THE BIG ONE (Major Update)



When March Madness

Meets God’s Judgment


Submitted by The Armchair Prophet
SOTN Exclusive

Of all the predictions we’ve ever made, this one is — BY FAR — the most likely to come to pass … and much sooner than later.

First, let’s take a close look at the following March 4th assessment of recent California earthquake activity and its corresponding map by a longtime West Coast quake watcher.  As follows:

Update 3/4/2023…Re: What’s GUARANTEED TO HAPPEN around March 7th, 2023 ⚡ Energy Forecast from a Geophysicist Re: Says Northern CA on San Andreas Fault Line is going to erupt soon….Re: Yet Another Warning…..Re: One more….Re: More West Coast Quake Warnings for 1st Week of March

Submitted by GA

Quake Country: California's Faults

I was just monitoring the CA quake map this morning.  I’m seeing some things.  <<<this is the map of the whole state.  Total micro quakes in the past week, up to this moment are: 758.  That is on the low side.  I’ve seen it up above 1,000 before, without anything significant happening. 
But if you look closely at the San Andreas fault line, you see bing, bing, bing, bing, bing…..a bunch of micros all along the San Andreas from Monterey up to Pt Reyes.  If you also look, you will see A LOT of activity in the East Bay too.  This is unusual.  This is the Hayward fault line.  There is also quite a bit of activity (of micros) along the Calaveras fault line that is just east of the Hayward fault line, running through the Walnut Creek valley.
So I decided to do some close ups, to see which area actually had the most micros this past week:  <<<Southern CA only has 127 micros this week.  That is on the low side.  Usually So. CA constitutes the majority of micro activity for the whole state.  <<central CA….only 10.  You can see that all the micros are on the San Andreas fault line.  <<<Mammoth Mtn area, has 38, but this is fairly normal for this volcano area.
So I investigated further to see where the micros are clustered:  <<<here’s the South Bay of the SF Bay Area, only 22 quakes this past week.  Some on the San Andreas and some on the Hayward and Calaveras fault lines.   <<<Boom! 466 micro quakes this week in the SF Bay Area.  Most of it is in the East Bay and around the Geyers, which is also normally active spot for micros.  <<<moving to the North Bay area, 456 micros, again dominated by all the micros at the Geyers.  But again you see all the micros right in a straight line on the San Adreas, going up to Pt Reyes.
Well this analysis seems to support that a quake might indeed be coming to the Bay Area.  All those micros right along the major fault lines in the Bay Area on both sides of the bay means these fault lines are on the move.  <<<looking back again at Southern CA, you can see that indeed it is the San Andreas that is on the move here is as well. 
So up and down the whole state, the San Andreas is on the move.  Seems to line up with what the Geophysicist says, that the Bay Area will suffer a big one on the San Andreas in a few days.  Although the east bay is unusually active too.  
The super activity at the Geyers could be seen as prequake activity too.  Things are moving and unsettled.  Usually the Geyers number of micro quakes are similar to what Mammoth Mountain suffers regularly too.  But the Geysers micros are off the charts.  So something is disturbing it, more than usual.
I will keep monitoring, but I would say, people should prepare for the worst, now, while they can.  Maybe leave a bathtub full of water too as we get closer to March 7th, so you have clean water to wash dishes and bath in.  If the power is knocked out for any length of time, sewer water will get mixed with tap water, making it undesirable for drinking or bathing or washing dishes.
It would be nice if we got a 4M fore-shock to give a final heads up for everyone, but as you know, sometimes that does not happen.  And once you have the main event, there will be lots of after shocks after ward.  These scientists are warning it could be a 7M or an 8M main event.  So prepare accordingly.  If you have a weak heart, you might want to go on vacation some place, and wait it out.  Definitely might be good to start avoiding bridges, tunnels, freeway over passes and BART.

~ End of March 4th earthquake assessment ~


The Universe really does work in mysterious ways, yes?

Hollywood Fault

Here we have Hollywood, California, located only 35 miles from the San Andreas Fault Line, as well as having its own “Hollywood fault” running right through the Motion Picture Capital of the world (see map below).

San Andreas & Hayward Fault Lines

Then we see that Silicon Valley is sandwiched in between the Hayward Fault Line running to the east and the San Andreas Fault Line running down the west.

First here’s a map of the Hayward fault line:

Next, here’s a map showing all of Silicon Valley tightly sandwiched in between the two great fault lines—Hayward Fault and San Andreas Fault.

What’s the critical point?

Ever since Hollywood has morphed into Hollyweird, it has become a bane to humanity.  Truly, so much of what comes out of Hollywood these days is nothing but garbage that further trashes American society … as well as the world at large.

Because of the extremely profound and pervasive influence that so much satanic TV programming and demonic movie production currently has around the whole world, Hollywood has incurred some very rough karma indeed.

Because of the extraordinary power and influence wielded by Silicon Valley worldwide in censoring vital truth and disseminating dangerous falsehood, the entire IT Industry, and especially Big Tech and Big Social Media, have similarly incurred the roughest of karma.

Regardless of whether the well-intentioned warnings posted above are accurate, there is no doubt that the diabolically corrupt and criminal elements which now run California will receive their comeuppance sooner or later.  When that occurs, it ought to be considered nothing less than God’s Judgment.

Unfortunately, there are many good folks also living on the Left Coast who completely disavow the utter depravity and sheer degeneracy now promoted by the California state government and Big Tech corporations and Motion Picture Industry.  This warning about THE BIG ONE is especially for them.

More than ever, every concerned resident in the once “Golden State” ought to really understand going forward that:

“The devil always degrades his victims
before he destroys them.”

The Armchair Prophet
State of the Nation
March 4, 2023

Special Note: The crucial point of this prescient analysis revolves around the “faults”.  Talk about “cities of destiny” being divinely preordained!  The two most corrupt and degenerate places on planet — LA and San Fran — both lie next to one of the most active faults on Earth.  It’s as if fatally flawed Hollywood and Silicon Valley would be full of so much “fault” for the devastation of the entire planetary civilization that they had to be situated in an ever-tremoring earthquake zone.  Really, let that sink in.  An abyss literally opens up in the Earth so that these godforsaken Khazarian enterprises swiftly disappear in a day and a night.  Even Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t have it that bad.

Seismologist Frank Hoogerbeets, who predicted the Turkey mega-quake,
from the Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS) has issued a prediction
of a major earthquake in the upcoming week for the American West Coast

As for March Madness 2023, check out this: HUGE Energy Forecast from a Geophysicist on March 7th, 2023 (Video).  Clearly, March is shaping up to be a month marked by the convergence of extraordinary microcosmic and macrocosmic energy events as explained below.

With the intense geomagnetic and solar energetic changes that have recently occurred, the transit of the moon into the Earth’s magnetotail on March 7th +/- 3 days will introduce even more chaos into Earth’s energetic systems, having the potential to trigger large energetic events like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

This video explores and connects together the known geophysical events happening around the time of March 7th so you have a “heads up” and can best prepare yourself. With significant pre-earthquakes signals consistently showing up in the Schumann Resonances, it appears notable earthquake activity is most likely to occur.
(Source: What’s GUARANTEED TO HAPPEN around March 7th, 2023 — video)

Bottom Line: There’s no question about an immense amount of pent-up energy throughout the “American system”.   And we’re not just talking about the obvious geological, solar and geomagnetic energies described above which are causing a tremendous degree of geopathic stress across the North American landmass.  We’re also referring to the HUGELY pent-up energies associated with the present state of the American Republic.  In point of fact, the American body politic has never been so polarized.  The Right and the Left have never been so at odds with each other.  Hence, the country is literally being torn apart.  The longer this highly destructive state of affairs persists, the greater the likelihood the American landmass will undergo major tectonic shifts and volcanic eruptions which reflect this deeply divisive tension.  The consequent geopathic stress and unprecedented subterranean pressures are now so great that Earth, itself. is ready to blow its top.  And, because California has been the primary site used by the Khazarian Cabal to sow the seeds of so much chaos, confusion and conflict across America, everything points to a truly apocalyptic event right at the confluence of those coastal fault lines.  Therefore, the enlightened West Coast truth-seekers are well advised to vacate their premises sooner than later.  After all, prophecy is always uttered to avert catastrophe especially for the wise, not just predict it.

CAVEAT: Look it, people, California has been getting busted upside the head with a four by four for many years now, but all to no avail.  No other state in the union has been assaulted by so many heat waves and droughts, wildfires and firestorms, deluges and floods, snowstorms and blizzards, landslides and mudslides, avalanches and sinkholes, earthquakes and tremors, etc. like California has.  And this has only occurred after being tapped on the shoulder by the Highest Power for decades.  Nevertheless, the residents not only overwhelmingly vote to maintain the satanic status quo, they revel in their “Sodom and Gomorrah” culture; and even exacerbate it with every passing year.  Because so much is now at stake for these once United States of America, as well as for the world community of nations, the day of reckoning is nigh.  Because at the end of the day:

We sincerely pray that the people of California will come to their senses before any of these dire predictions and ominous prophecies come to pass.  However, that the Khazarian Cabal used DARPA-directed geoterrorism agencies domiciled in the Golden State to trigger the most devastating earthquakes of the era — Kobe (1995), Gujarat (2001), Iran (2003), Indonesia (2004), Kashmir (2005), China (2008), Haiti (2010), Fukushima (2011), Nepal (2015) & Turkey (2023) — does not bode well. (See: SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PAPER: Super Energy Geo-Weapons Triggering Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Other Earth Movements)  Therefore, when in doubt, just get out.

Lastly, nothing of any consequence may occur anywhere on the Ring of Fire this March.  Both the San Andreas and Hayward Faults may even produce fewer significant earthquakes than usual during 2023.  However, that doesn’t mean that all is quiet on the Western Front.  It only means that the Supreme Being has given yet another grace period for folks to get their acts together—FAST!  Because when the earth movement karma of any location on Earth has concretize beyond a point of no return, it’s only a matter of time before if manifests.  When Mother Earth chooses to rock and roll on the Left Coast is anyone’s guess; nonetheless, at this point there’s no stopping her upcoming performance in crazy California.

What all this really means is that LA and San Fran, just like Sodom and Gomorrah, have sealed their fate as both urban dens of iniquity have brazenly turned against DHARMA.  For those who are unaware:

Dharma protects those who protect dharma,
and dharma destroys those who destroy dharma.

Dharma = Righteousness

SOTN Editor’s Note: The United States of America have received extraordinary providence and protection throughout its history.  No other country on Earth has ever enjoyed so much abundance and prosperity.  No other citizenry has ever attained such a high level of material acquisition through freedom of pursuit and a plenitude of opportunities.  However, “to who much is given, much is expected”.  The American people have seriously lost sight of that spiritual aphorism.  Much more significantly is the grim reality that much of the population fully supports the U.S. Federal Government, which has morphed into the world’s largest and most violent global crime syndicate.  Many people across the 50 states are perfectly okay with the incessant warmongering around the globe perpetrated by the Khazarian-controlled US government.  They totally support unprovoked wars of naked aggression being waged in their name and with their tax dollars.  They even back the devastating economic sanctions and financial terrorism carried out against small powerless countries that disagree with American Exceptionalism.  However, what goes around, comes around.  And the mighty and proud are always laid low in the end.  Because California is the “epicenter” for the digital dissemination so much much war propaganda and Russophobic prevarication, the state now wears a HUGE target.  In view of the utter filth that’s passed off as movies and TV programming from Hollywood, children the world over are being psychologically harmed and irreversibly corrupted every moment.  Likewise, the AI-directed mind-control programming and ever-worsening perverted content that is spewed from Silicon Valley is wrecking nations and ruining societies everywhere.

What’s the central point?


As The Armchair Prophet sagely advised: “When in doubt, just get out.”



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