There’s a highly malignant and fatal cancer raging throughout the American body politic and it’s metastasizing rapidly!

Honestly, what do we do with them?!

Really, what can be done about the incorrigibly criminal
and forever corrupt Democrat Party?

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

That the accurate moniker — “DEMONRAT” — has actually become a very popular meme across the USA speaks volumes about the ever-worsening state of the communist-run Democrat Party.

The sheer breadth and depth of the evil and malevolence, wickedness and maliciousness, vileness and malignance, perfidy and malfeasance, depravity and maleficence constantly demonstrated by the Democrat Party is now out there for everyone to see.  And they don’t even care.

The Democrat Party has literally become an utterly treasonous Khazarian-directed political organization which only seeks and aggressively pursues the complete destruction of the American Republic.

In point of fact, its entire leadership is now populated by exceedingly brazen traitors and shameless turncoats who care not a whit about the U.S. citizenry, the nation or its reputation throughout the world community of nations.

The criminally installed Biden administration, along with so many other Democrat corruptocrats who outright stole their elections, represent the most cancerous and baneful, pernicious and venomous, disastrous and vicious gang of hardcore career criminals ever to set foot inside the Beltway.   

Truly, these political bolsheviks and social terrorists and cultural marxists are so dangerous, and treacherous to the extreme, that the continuity of the United States is now in great jeopardy. 

Chronologically, it was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy that set the Democrat Party in an ever-accelerating downward spiral to Hades. 

What else could be the final outcome when this thoroughly degenerate party and its corrupt leadership regularly rely on outright election theft each and every electoral cycle.

When you view the countless videos, which capture both Senate hearings and House proceedings in which Democrats are either refusing to answer questions as witnesses and nominees; or posing questions as Inquisition-style prosecutors, the impression is the same—they’re all hellbent on completely destroying this Republic. 

It’s abundantly clear from an overwhelming body of hard evidence that these donkey Democrats actually pride themselves on irreparably tearing the fabric of American society.

Really, no one, anywhere, at any time, has ever seen anything like this.

Who has ever seen a major political party zealously advocate a satanic platform for its country?!

Who has ever seen any party representing of liberalism and progressivism promote so much wanton decadence and naked perversion?!  

BOTTOM LINE: There’s only one way to successfully deal with the treasonous and malevolent Democrat Party—ONLY ONE WAY!!!

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
March 17, 2023

N.B. This screed in no way exonerates the numerous RINOs in the GOP for their similar sins and countless transgressions against the American people.  However, there are some good conservative Republicans in the U.S. Congress, albeit very, very few of them.

SOTN Editor’s Note: Perhaps the scariest moment in American history took place when so many lifelong, traditional Democrats simply went along with the Covid Con.  They got vaxxed because they were told to.  And then so many boasted about their many Covid vaccinations and boosters.   And then many of them tried to coerce, compel and/or con the rest of us into getting the extremely dangerous and deadly jab.  WOW!  Just WOW!!!

These same mind-controlled creatures and socially engineered libtards had already supported so much patently criminal legislation such as the horrific legalizing of child genital mutilation and chemical castration.  And, outright infanticide right up to the 9th month pregnancy and at the very moment of birth.  And, the systematic grooming of our school children via pornographic reading material as well as the intentional sexualization of our youth by way of drag queen story hours and the like.

These same ‘old-fashioned’ Democrats repeatedly vote for so many of those hopelessly corrupt Democrat politicians who pushed those and several other unconstitutional and illicit, immoral and odious laws.  Even up to this very day these once reasonable Democrat party members are easily stampeded into a pen of criminal compliance and blatant corruption.

In point of fact, there are now tens of millions of Democrats and liberals and progressives and socialists who present the BIGGEST problem for this nation.  Many of these very weak characters simply go along to get along, even if it means their own injury or death.  Talk about voting against their own interests every single election year.  And, voting for Khazarian-selected traitors who are explicitly installed to wreck and ruin their lives, their families, their livelihoods and their communities.  How can they not see and hear just how untrustworthy and villainous those bad actors are, especially when it concerns their health and welfare?!

People, this situation is really so much more dire than what has been described here.  And it’s now in a rapidly accelerating downward spiral—HELLBOUND!!!  That’s because the more the righteous speak truth to power as is happening across the USA as never before, the more evil rears its extremely ugly head to scare the remaining timid souls into sinister submission.  The wicked know that they’re in a fight for their lives, as well as in a fight to preserve every “Sodom and Gomorrah” they stealthily created in all 50 states.

Which means that the Father of Lies and their true master — Satan — will use them right up to the cruelest of deaths.

Given this exceedingly stark reality, there’s really only one answer to the existential  question posed above: “What in heaven’s name do we do with them?” 

What can possibly be done with so many profoundly lost souls?

They need to be scared straight—THAT’S WHAT!

And, that’s not our job to do.  For only God Almighty can produce and direct the necessary “disaster drama” to scare them straight, if that’s even possible at this late date.  Nevertheless, it behooves every Patriot, everyone on the Right, every Christian and Conservative who truly stand for God, Family & Country, to steel themselves like never before in the face of what is soon to take place.

For the uninitiated, it’s well known in esoteric circles as the Super Shemitah Jubilee.  Because this particular Super Shemitah year — 2023 — represents the final one of the Hebrew calendar, anything goes, anywhere, anytime.  Hence, the only way forward is to walk with the divine every step of the way; and understand that everything ultimately happens for the best—all the time, everywhere, for every person on planet Earth.


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