A Deep Insider Exposes the Hidden Plot Behind the Engineered SVB Failure (Video)

Published by Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge

Here’s another bombshell report from Brendon O’Connell and Mike Gill about what the latter thinks is behind the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Gill believes that it was in reaction to something that hasn’t been revealed yet but which he believes is a corruption investigation that’s about to be blown wide open.

My readers will be rightfully skeptical of the DOJ doing any such thing, after having revealed themselves as the insanely corrupt traitors that they are, especially in recent years.

However, this does fit in with a new bit of information that I’m being told by my longtime friend, who does not want to be identified, who’s a retired Special Operations Marine Captain. His friend, a DEA agent who’s about to retire tells him that there is currently a secret war being waged in Mexico, between SAC aka D6 and the Sinaloa Cartel.

The former has been controlling the latter and has been working to consolidate the other Mexican drug cartels underneath them but now, they’ve decided they want to replace the Sinaloa Cartel and put the Jalisco Cartel in charge, instead.

This may be part of the reason why we’re now starting to hear about the Sinaloa Cartel’s infiltration of large swathes of the US Government. It appears that Mexican President Obrador is on the side of the Sinaloa Cartel and that China is, as well, which may result in Chinese troops fighting SAC forces in Mexico, which the DEA agent tells my friend is a distinct possibility.

Two weeks ago, we saw the tip of the Deep State’s narcotics trafficking iceberg in the testimony of Jacqueline Breger before the Arizona State Congress.

We learned about her years’-long investigation, in conjunction with the law firm of John Thaler into multi-state racketeering and corruption that uncovered the Sinaloa Cartel’s complete infiltration of parts of the US Government, with financial documents showing that Governor Katie Hobbs and her husband have been laundering Sinaloa Cartel money through fake deeds and mortgages since 1997 and that others similarly involved with the Sinaloa Cartel include US Senator for Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinema, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, 3 of 5 Maricopa County Board of Supervisors members, assorted judges, plus two of the principals at Runbeck Election Services and everyone in charge of Mesa, Arizona, which is described as a wholesale “racketeering organization”, as this term is defined in 18 USC §1961.

This DEA agent also tells my friend that Donald Trump is a figure very much like the character played by James Spader in the TV series, The Blacklist. (I don’t watch TV, so I’ve never seen it). He says Trump is a super spy who has infiltrated crime networks throughout his adult life.

It’s been widely rumored that Trump was an FBI informant who helped them take down the Cosa Nostra on the East Coast. Maybe there’s more to this story. Maybe Trump really means it when he says that he will “Obliterate the Deep State”.

Last week, Brendon O’Connell’s interview of whistleblower, Mike Gill revealed that the headquarters of the Deep State’s drug-trafficking, pedophilia and money-laundering operation is in New Hampshire. This week, Brendon O’Connell is back with Mike Gill to say that:

“Silicon Valley Bank is a giant depository of New Hampshire drug money. Only a tiny portion of the money was insured, at under $250,000. The rest of the deposits, 97% of them are giant drug money accounts in the billions and the cartel started pulling it out…

“The Feds are after the money, due to Mike Gill’s revelations and the infestation of corrupt politicians had warned the account-holders to get their money out – NOW…

“Let’s talk about New Hampshire and the Pandora Papers and this article from the New Hampshire Business Review journalist, Bob Sanders entitled, ‘What the Pandora Papers have to Say about New Hampshire’.  It was published on the 27th of October 2021:

$932.5 billion.

That’s the value of assets under management by a rapidly growing trust industry ostensibly based in New Hampshire. They have increased by more than a quarter of a trillion dollars in just the last year, and it’s not a complete total.

The past year’s infusion is triple the amount reportedly going into South Dakota, where several trusts have been scrutinized after the release earlier this month of the so-called Pandora Papers.

Those papers — the latest of a series of massive leaks — document and expose the movement of nefarious money shielded by foreign trusts by people looking to avoid taxes and scrutiny. Some of that money came from politicians, kings and billionaires and was used for questionable, if not criminal, purposes. Lately, that money has been coming to the United States in trust havens, notably South Dakota, whose loose rules and regulations rival the most notorious offshore jurisdictions.

In coverage about the Pandora Papers, New Hampshire has been mentioned as a place where it is easy to form trusts, but in some ways, the state has overtaken South Dakota as the premier place to secretly stash foreign assets, both in trusts and in relatively new and even less regulated family law foundations.

Brendon continues:

“It’s interesting to note that Jerry Little, Banking Commissioner in charge of all financial audits in New Hampshire says this in the article:

“If we do find out that something is going on here, it will probably be because of the Pandora Papers,” he said, “because of the extreme amount of confidentiality written into the state’s law.”

“Mike Gill had extensive dealings with Jerry Little in New Hampshire and he is right up there, at the top of the New Hampshire Cartel. They all are, including RINO Governor Chris Sununu. They are all totally corrupt and that includes Jerry Little.”

Brendon then rolls a jaw-dropping video of Mike Gill confronting New Hampshire Banking Commissioner Jerry Little face-to-face, asking him about the drug money-laundering being done through auto loans at the local car dealerships – and he tells him he’s going to take him to jail! Mike Gill has made many similar ambush videos.

Brendon claims that the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is directly related to Mike Gill’s whistleblowing activities in New Hampshire, saying, “[SVB] was named [by Forbes magazine] the best bank for 5 years running and it collapsed overnight. It doesn’t happen anywhere, anytime, ever. It collapsed because the large account managers realized that the Mike Gill revelations and a Congressional inquiry was coming and they jumped ship immediately, crashing the bank.”

Mike Gill then joins the podcast and he says that he ran the largest-volume mortgage brokerage firm in the US and, “Following the bond market and the moves was exactly what made me number one in the country. I would work with Fannie Mae in anticipating the movements in interest rates.

“So, this [SVB’s collapse] is not what they’re trying to have you believe. This was stimulated by a situation. When you move $42 billion within 48 hours, that is a reaction to something that happened. In other words, this didn’t happen to another bank in the country.

“Now, are other banks a little nervous? Well, two things. One, what’s their exposure to drug cartels? And then, maybe they’re reactionary but I can tell you this, we have a direct connection. The Silicon Valley Bank is part of a group, Silicon Valley Bank Group. Look at who the group is.

Boston Private Bank and Trust. That is part of the bank. They are a New Hampshire Corporation. Their business is foreign investment, foreign profit. Their agent is CT Corporation System. It’s a front! That’s their agent. This is how Pandora Papers work!

“And why $932 billion is being hidden in assets, through those agents, remember? Trust companies, dummy corporations, LLCs. You’ll see a picture of CT Corporation. It’s inside of a warehouse with a half of an address! We found it – now, are you ready?

“This Boston Bank and Trust. Guess what? You know who the directors were, previous? Two separate attorneys general of the State of New Hampshire. Foster and Delaney. What did I tell you that they ran for cover for the Cartel? What did [Bill] Shaheen and [Maggie] Hassan put together?

“Hassan appointed Foster as the AG! They protected the money-laundering network! They are literally directors in this company! [Bill] Greiner goes back to this company! It IS drug money!

“Now, here’s the real question: What made them move – and they moved fast! Could it be the investigation of the Pandora Papers? Because those corrupt politicians in Washington had the evidence and had the names. Listen, if a small New Hampshire public radio has the names of Granite State Recovery, they have the names of AutoFair, Perspective Trust – means those are Cartel assets and they’re being sold. Could the money be being moved?

“Secondly, are they afraid of Trump? Trump has the evidence and he’s going to drop a bomb? Think about this. This is exactly how this would move. We are talking about a California bank with a direct line to the State of New Hampshire to the money-laundering network of the Deep State, the protection of that with the two former AGs and the drug cartel. Of course, it’s this!”

Brendon claims that the “Three Amigos” running the world’s largest drug money-laundering operation are Bill Greiner, Andrew Crews and Dick Anagnost and the story also includes James O’Keefe, General Mike Flynn and “the top rungs of the Trump outer guard whose sole existence is to prevent Donald Trump from speaking to people that matter.”

There are many, many more details here, in this most important podcast with Brendon O’Connell and Mike Gill, that helps us to see the contours of the corruption that have defined our dying system.


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