ICC’s Patently False Arrest Warrant for Putin—WHY NOW?!

SOTN Editor’s Note: There are four (4) primary reasons why President Vladimir Putin is the subject of a malicious prosecution by the Khazarian-controlled International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague in the Netherlands.

The first is that the Neocon Zionists who engineered the war against Russia want to destroy Putin’s stature throughout the world community of nations.  Preventing President Putin from traveling freely worldwide as a world peacemaker and good will ambassador curtails his face-to-face initiatives with other world leaders.  It’s also intended to limit his many in-person initiatives and meetings  with foreign trading partners, as well as his endeavors to forge new business relationships as countervailing measures to the unlawful sanctions levied against Russia by the West.  The threat of arrest is now hanging over his head, especially if he were to travel to an unfriendly or non-committed nation.

The second reason is a dead giveaway.  Russia’s Children’s Rights Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova was indicted along with Putin’s because of their courageous and fierce joint protection of the orphaned children in the Russian-speaking Donbas whose parents were killed or seriously injured by Kiev’s 8 years of shelling the region.  The New World Order globalist cabal had set up an elaborate kidnapping network to facilitate their child trafficking, child slavery and child sexual exploitation rings out of Ukraine and into the major human trafficking capitals of the world such as Tel Aviv, London, Rome, Paris and New York City.  Those human trafficking centers are now spitting mad at the Kremlin for busting up their highly profitable war profiteering enterprise.

The third reason is that President Putin has threatened to release a treasure trove of hard evidence proving the existence of Pentagon-sponsored bioweapon testing, development and manufacturing in the 43 biolabs scattered across Ukraine.  This issue is so radioactive for the Biden Administration because of Hunter Biden’s direct involvement, especially regarding the illegal funding of those bioweapon facilities.  The U.S. Military is also seriously incriminated by the volumes of irrefutable proof acquired by the Russian Armed Forces that swept across the Ukraine to shut down the biolabs at the beginning of the Special Military Operation.  The ICC arrest warrant was strategically issued just prior to much damning evidence of illicit bioweapon testing on the Ukraine military being released by the Kremlin to the global mainstream media.

The fourth reason concerns a veiled threat that President Putin has made toward the Western powers pertaining to the launching of a formal international investigation into the transparently weaponized COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccines’.  He has made several statements about the Sputnik Covid vaccine being significantly safer and much more effective than the mRNA vaccine made by Big Pharma.  Because the Russian citizenry has been adversely affected by the inevitable shedding associated with the mRNA vaccines to the extent that the population travels across borders, Putin wants the truth out there.  In this way, the populace will always opt for the Sputnik vaccine should they travel thereby minimizing the disease-causing shedding effects nationwide. (As for the safety and effectiveness of Sputnik, only time will tell.). Needless to say, the genocidal Khazarian Covid vaccinators intend to undermine Putin’s credibility any way they can in the meantime, hence the groundless arrest warrant.

State of the Nation
March 18, 2023

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