WOW!!! Australia unexpectedly reverses on COVID-19 boosters

Submitted by Harold Saive

PUZZLING ☙ Thursday, March 23, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

Posted by Jeff Childers

Australia reverses on boosters; the great Stanford law school rebellion; DA Alvin scrambles to indict Trump; Israel pans anti-Christian bill; and we check in on the animals.


🦘 We got some hopeful news for our Australian friends yesterday, when news broke of the ATAGI’s new, updated 2023 covid guidelines. ATAGI is the Australian Government’s Covid Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, which has become a household word in Australia, although it’s a word usually accompanied by other household words that you can’t say in front of the children.

Anyway, forget about booster mandates! Nevermind! At this point in 2023, ATAGI only recommends covid shots for two groups: people aged 65+ and people 18 and over who are at-risk. The new guidelines actually recommend AGAINST covid shots for healthy kids under 18, or even for at-risk kids under five — the opposite of U.S. FDA recommendations.


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