How dare the bankers use this flimsy excuse for a pandemic as a pretext to ransack the whole world?

Makow – A Sneeze Could Gulag You

June 12, 2020


They’ve weaponized
the common flu to control us.

You want to fly or eat?

Play along. 

Do you want a job?

Same again.

by Henry Makow Ph.D
As we disembarked from our flight, a passenger said I was the only person who coughed, yet did not wear a mask consistently.
“I have acid reflux,” I explained. “I cough after I eat.”
“Still it’s common courtesy,” he replied.
It’s no longer about whether you have COVID-19 or not, it’s about obeying the rules.
Ultimately, the person who does not obey the rules will be considered sick. COVID-1984.
Just sneezing or having a runny nose, things that used to be commonplace, now potentially make you a Public Enemy.
At Mexico City airport, my temperature was checked four times. But not once in Canada.
On our flight to Toronto, there were a dozen Mexican laborers. Apparently, even in hard times, there are no Canadians willing to do the dirty work.
What are the chances these laborers will self-quarantine for 14 days? What are the chances they will be fined and jailed?


Self quarantining and social distancing are only for the goyim. They don’t apply to people who serve the NWO agenda.
I spent the winter in Mexico to check it out.
I expect there will be a nuclear war during Trump’s second term.
I never expected another calamity to occur this winter.
Returning to Canada is like returning to a war zone.
The banker-controlled establishment is attacking the general population.
The cure is 100x worse than the disease. The financial security of millions of people has evaporated. More people probably committed suicide than died from the virus. This stunt is unforgivable!
Most victims actually died of other causes. The statistics have been distorted.
They’ve turned us into marionettes.  Social distancing. Mask-wearing. It’s just the flu folks. Only the dying die from it.


I return home to find most banks branches closed; restaurants and coffee shops doing take-out-only from behind plexiglass windows. Every customer is a deadly threat.
Thus employees must be protected. CAA won’t provide rides to stranded members. Contact customer service and you must listen to a diatribe about the virus, and how they want to help you.
People are rioting for social justice while supinely accepting the loss of their basic freedoms. They sacrifice so much upon a sketchy pretext and don’t even question it. Such is our faith in our leaders.  Such is the control exercised by the mass media.
The pharmaceutical industry is a criminal conspiracy.  They control the medical profession. Bill Gates, who expects to make billions from the vaccines, has the ear of Presidents and Prime Ministers.
They should have quarantined sick people. Instead, they quarantined the healthy.
When you control the sick, it’s called a quarantine.
When you control the healthy, it’s called tyranny.
How dare they require citizens returning home to Canada to quarantine for 14 days even if they are not sick, and have no symptoms.
They are not even allowed to stop for groceries on the way home from the airport.
A Toronto family got fined $880 for not social distancing -having a backyard BBQ. WTF? Even the Gestapo showed more discernment.


How dare the bankers use this flimsy excuse for a pandemic as a pretext to ransack the whole world? 
The media is suppressing stories of lives ruined.
Walmart is packed but the little shop that supports a family is forced to close.
F**k the media. F**l the politicians. F**k the bankers. F**k the medical profession.
We’ll never “return to normal” because we’ll never trust these f**kers again.


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