COVID-19 & ROUNDUP: Everything you need to know about this marriage made in hell

COVID-19 and Roundup: An Immuno-Comprised Marriage from Hell

June 01, 2020/ Mischa Popoff

If you can contract Covid-19 more than once, can someone please tell me what good a vaccine is going to do? Anyone can see the war is on.

A crucial weapon in the attack is Roundup (glyphosate), a widely used herbicide that’s being used for something for which there was never any long-term safety-testing: the forced ripening of crops, called desiccation. This practice all but guarantees that this pesticide will wind up in our food,[1] as well as the animal byproducts that are used in vaccines.[2] It also happens to be a highly questionable agronomic practice.[3]

Roundup hinders biosynthesis in plants by poisoning the shikimate pathway. For decades it was only used prior to seeding a crop, and since humans and animals don’t rely on the same biology and chemistry as plants do, we were assured we could safely ingest small dosages while applying it. But we were never supposed to actually eat it, much less have it injected into our bloodstream. We now know our bodies rely on trillions of microorganisms integral to our immune systems that do employ on the shikimate pathway, leading to the grave conclusion that, more so than other pesticides, Roundup contributes directly to the suppression of our immune systems.

Ignoring this, Bayer execs seek to dominate the fast-growing desiccation market with their recent purchase of Monsanto. There’s a minor hitch though. Bayer is being sued by thousands of people who claim to have contracted cancer while applying Roundup.

Strangely, none of these 40,000+ Roundup lawsuits are from consumers who have inadvertently consumed Roundup in their food, or had it injected into them in the form of a trace ingredient in a vaccine. Why? Because it’s next to impossible to clinically prove that one’s God-given immune system may have been impacted so long as conventional medicine fails to help us boost overall health, pushing patented, pharmaceutical vaccinations instead which supposedly maintain “herd immunity” on a disease-by-disease basis.

To repeat, the government has never required any long-term research into the possible immunological impact of Roundup, and shows no interest in doing so.

As such, Food Giants like General Mills, which make use of massive volumes of desiccated grains, have dodged the few lawsuits thrown at them. Alas, plaintiffs suffer from a paucity of admissible evidence to prove their claims. “Don’t bother looking,” and “you won’t find any bad news,” is the maxim being applied. And it’s working marvelously.

Bayer has not been as fortunate as General Mills. And yet, and again strangely, none of the judgments against Bayer have been for farmers. Wouldn’t farmers be the first to succumb to illness if Roundup (glyphosate) was a carcinogen and applying it was the problem? Yes, there are apparently some farmers involved, but it’s impossible to say how many for the simple reason that it does not suit lawyers on either side to reveal this important statistic. As explained in my article here in Culture Wars last year. Both sides in this battle already agree that farmers will NEVER stop using glyphosate, not here in America, nor over in enviro-conscious Europe. Never. Modern farming is literally addicted to it, and both sides are banking on that fact. Why, it’s enough to make you think both sides in this titanic struggle for justice might even be in cahoots.[4]

So, are the Roundup lawsuits just a diversionary tactic in a much larger battle? It sure looks that way. Shareholders are worried, as evidenced by Bayer’s falling stock price. But Bayer executives have everything to gain from a protracted court battle, replete with dire headlines warning that Roundup is DANGEROUS, so long as no one figures out that the real problem with Roundup isn’t with people applying it; it’s with people absorbing it after eating it or having it injected into their bloodstream.

Anyone who believes Werner Baumann, the CEO of Bayer, made a big mistake when he signed the deal to buy Monsanto, doesn’t understand the globalist agenda. To say nothing of the crucial role Roundup is potentially playing in the Covid-19 “pandemic” through immune suppression, and how Covid-19 is itself playing into the larger globalist agenda, and may even be an integral part of it.[5]

With Roundup sales starting to flatline in the traditional market of weed control, and even in GMO Roundup Ready markets, desiccation has become the target market for Bayer execs. But first, they have to become indemnified against any future claims of injury, whether by those who apply or who consume Roundup, just as vaccine companies were indemnified by President Reagan in the 1980s, just as Big Tobacco was indemnified in the 1990s by President Clinton. In both cases, all future liabilities were passed on to We the People, while the mounting cost of regulatory compliance, a direct consequence of that protracted legal process, resulted in monopoly control.

This is something execs at Monsanto could never have pulled off. With Bayer now in the driver’s seat, off-brand makers of glyphosate (generic Roundup) will soon be swallowed up or driven out of business as a thicket of new “safety” regulations are implemented surrounding the manufacture and use of Roundup, eventually leaving only Bayer standing as the sole global supplier of this herbicide corporate farmers can’t live without and consumers can’t live with.

Sure Baumann might complain in the media about the imposition of stricter regulations. But, as was the case with pharmaceutical and tobacco regulations, his “people” will already be working with regulators to make sure everything is worded just right, with the allowable “safe” limits for ingesting Roundup by any means, based on outdated LD50 testing (Lethal Dose 50% in lab animals), remaining unaltered.

These were toxicological tests, not immunological. To repeat, no one has ever tested how Roundup impacts the immune system that teams with microorganisms that are adversely impacted by Roundup through interruption of the shikimate pathway. And if Bayer execs get their way, no one ever will. Indeed, anyone concerned about Roundup showing up in food and vaccines has already been safely pigeonholed next to ufologists and flat-earthers. Not that their voices would matter anyway since, as mentioned above, it’s already impossible to sue the makers of vaccines.

Have you noticed that no one argues any longer about whether smoking causes cancer? Admitting the problem only grants license to perpetuate the problem legally, with a big-fat regulatory stamp of approval from the federal government, wrapped in a regulatory framework to which only the biggest corporations can afford to comply, a regulatory framework these very same corporations help write and get passed through Congress. It happened in the meat industry in 1906, with the repeal of Prohibition of alcohol in 1933, GMOs in the 1990s, cellphone towers in 1996, cellphones thereafter, and it’s happening right now with 5G.

All of which raises the following two questions:

  1. Does Roundup cause cancer as is being claimed in the Roundup application lawsuits? It doesn’t even matter in this scheme.

  2. Should Roundup be banned outright?

No my friend; that’s just one side of a false dichotomy. It’s certainly dangerous when misused. But even if it was always dangerous, both sides already agree, as explained above, Roundup will never be banned. If it was, how would all the lawyers get paid?


This is just an excerpt from the June 2020 Issue of Culture Wars Magazine. To continue reading, please purchase a digital copy of the magazine below.


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