An Open Letter to Every Medical Doctor in America

Dear American Physician:

This open letter is being sent to each and every one of you who has taken the Hippocratic Oath—“First, do no harm.”

This letter is also being directed to every physician whose practice revolves around helping people heal and alleviating suffering.

By now every physician in America has been profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Your lives and practices have been altered more than any other profession.

Surely most of you know that this unparalleled coronavirus pandemic is nothing but a manufactured plague designed to justify the legislation of draconian controls on society and oppressive regulations on the citizens.

As a matter of historical fact, such a debilitating national lockdown has never happened before; in fact, there’s been nothing even close.

What’s the point?

The doctors of America are being callously used to execute a transparently unconstitutional and highly flawed plan to sicken the citizenry.

The entire government response that’s been implemented thus far smacks of an obvious attempt to prolong this pandemic by any means possible.

You name it: mandatory masks during the hot summer, prolonged sheltering in place, compulsory social distancing among loved ones, two-week quarantines without reason or rationale, and needlessly closing down businesses are just a few of the seriously flawed policies.  There are other absurd rules that have been unlawfully dictated which have also thrown fuel on the COVID-19 fire.

Just why is that, Doctor?!?!

The most dangerous medical policies that have been imposed on the supervising and attending physicians are the harmful protocols administered to COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the USA.

Just how many patients have been put improperly on ventilators and then quickly died?

How many folks have been given overwhelming cocktails of various pharmaceutical medications that they couldn’t handle, and then passed away in the ICU, CCU or ER?

Who has not heard about all the geriatric COVID-19 patients who were recklessly placed in nursing homes?  Or those who ended up in assisted living facilities and other care homes which lacked even the basic necessities to deal with Coronavirus Syndrome.  Many knowledgeable commentators are calling this a planned geriatric genocide.

Have you doctors even heard of Coronavirus Syndrome?  Probably not!  That’s because you all have been handed an inflexible script and told to follow it regardless of the consequences to patients and their families.

Do you see what’s really going on here?

Let’s just take a close look at the mandatory masks during the hot summer.  Do you healthcare providers have any idea how that misguided policy alone is making millions of people much more vulnerable to coming down with this coronavirus.  Here’s why:

(Warning Update)

Dear Doctor, please be aware that the very same thing took place during the Spanish Flu of 1918.  The official response back then, from both the US government and the medical system, greatly exacerbated that pandemic which went on to kill upwards of 100,000,000 people worldwide.

Please read up on that manmade tragedy and see for yourself that the entire Spanish Flu pandemic was essentially made to happen ON PURPOSE.  All the things that were done wrong, just like today, were actually planned that way.  And, it’s virtually impossible to account for such an implausible sequence of human errors except that there was a hidden hand manipulating those exceedingly detrimental policies into existence.

What is being proposed here is certainly a horrifying unfolding of events.  Truly, there really is something very wrong with this pandemic picture.

The $64,000 question is: “Do you, Doctor, want to be a part of this appalling picture that’s only going to get uglier?”

If your answer is a resounding “NO!”, then here’s what we would strongly advise.

There is a courageous peer doctor in Odessa, Texas who has discovered a COVID-19 cure protocol.   This protocol is quite simple and very effective.  It’s also quite inexpensive and easy to administer for both physician and patient alike.

Here’s a short video that will acquaint you with both the physician and his extraordinarily successful treatment: Texas Doctor Discovers New Cure for COVID-19 (Must View Video for Doctors).

By the way, a very similar protocol has also been used with great success in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore.  Each of those nations has experienced remarkable success in keeping COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths extremely low.  If they can do it, so can the USA, yes?!

Perhaps it’s time for every doctor in America to step up to the plate and do what’s right … … … rather than what the Medicare reimbursement schedule tempts one to do.  Or, what the insurance coverage induces office staff to do.  Or, what the NIH and CDC improperly tell hospital staff to do.

By following the COVID-19 cure protocol explained in this video you will not only “Do No Harm”, you will also save lives and help keep families together during these tremendously challenging times.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Very sincerely,

Healthcare Professionals for Effective COVID-19 Response


Scientific Research Study Proves Cloth Masks Significantly Increase Likelihood of Influenza-Like Illnesses


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