Why does every Democrat mayor and governor protect anarchists and terrorists before ensuring the safety of the residents?!?!

DOJ Spox: Portland Mayor Putting ‘Anarchists and Agitators’ over Safety


On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Bill Hemmer Reports,” Department of Justice Director of Communications and Public Affairs Kerri Kupec criticized Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for rejecting law enforcement help from the federal government and accused the mayor of putting his “personal politics and violent anarchists and agitators over the safety and security” of the city’s residents.

Kupec said, “I was particularly dismayed by the comments made by that Portland mayor, considering that, just over the weekend, a protester went after one of our U.S. Marshals with a hammer, hitting him over and over and over again. Protesters were surging federal buildings. They were armed with sledgehammers, with slingshots, with lasers. And the fact that you have elected officials, and I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, but if you are an elected official and you are prioritizing your own personal politics and violent anarchists and agitators over the safety and security of the very people who elected you, that’s not leadership. That’s a disgrace.”


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