Sexualization, Pornography, and Grooming in the Schools

By Amy Contrada

WARNING: This article has sexually explicit content.

Concerned citizens all over the country are joining the resistance to what the sexual-radical Left calls “comprehensive sex education” (CSE).  One such group is Informed Parents of Washington (IPOW), who describe themselves as “a coalition of parents dedicated to fighting Comprehensive Sexxx Education in our schools and legislation that [infringes on] parental rights.”

They point out that 58% of participants in a statewide survey said they do not want CSE mandated in the schools.  But the Democrats controlling the state Legislature are ignoring the will of the people.  From IPOW:

Currently, Washington State Legislators have introduced 4 bills to mandate CSE to every school in Washington, grades K-12. While … districts will not be mandated to use one particular curriculum … we provide examples from each of the most popular choices. Make no mistake, they are all bad.

We are not against sexual education, but we are absolutely against the inappropriate, pleasure based components within CSE that we feel harm our children[.] … Elementary age children do not need to learn about masturbation. Teens should not be told that the pull out method is more effective than they think. Kids should not be taught that sexting is as innocent as watching a movie together, schools should not be suggesting co-bathing as an alternative.

We maintain that because CSE is not appropriate for any child, it should not be given as an option to opt-in or opt-out[.] … We reject the Legislature’s false attempt at appeasement by offering to allow kids to “opt-out” because we know that is never truly an option. It is impossible to guarantee that subjects will not be brought up in other classes and one can never opt out from the talk amongst students.

Another IPOW post explains:

OPT OUT DOESN’T WORK! Not only does Laurie Dils, Sexual Health Education Program Supervisor for the state of Washington, want to teach your children about sexual pleasure, she wants to weave comprehensive sexual education into other subject areas. For example, “Romeo and Juliet.”

Good for these parents to oppose CSE.  But really, any “sex education” in the schools should be opposed!  All any high school student needs is a basic human physiology class.  Many conservatives don’t grasp that allowing anything beyond that opens the door to abuse by Planned Parenthood and LGBT activist messages (always in the name of “safety”).

But the capitulation to “good” sex ed came long ago.  And so, we’ve arrived at the sexualized school culture described by two young girls below.  They went to the Washington State House on Feb. 20 to testify against S.B. 5395 (which would make CSE mandatory in all public schools).

These 8th-grade girls were subjected in earlier grades to a curriculum called FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health).  Planned Parenthood has contributed materials to that CSE curriculum (and others).  In grades 4–6, for example, boys and girls (in class together) will learn to properly name their genitals: penisscrotumlabiavulvavagina.  They will fill in a worksheet including the terms circumcisionconceptionejaculationerectiongenitalsintercoursenocturnal emissionsemensperm, etc.  (See more details here.)  It’s a great way to break down modesty and get young children thinking and talking about sex during the school day.

Here’s just one paragraph from the FLASH curriculum for grades 4–6:

Intercourse is the kind of sexual touch when the penis is in the vagina. It is sometimes called “vaginal intercourse” or “lovemaking”…but “lovemaking” can mean different things to different people.  [Hint, hint…like anal intercourse?]  Ejaculation is what you call it when semen, the fluid carrying sperm, comes out of the penis.  If he ejaculates during intercourse — or even if he ejaculates onto her labia, without ever putting the penis inside — sperm can swim up into her uterus[.] (p. 12–13)

No wonder little boys are grabbing at the girls’ crotches during recess.

My sources with IPOW, Kim Wendt and Randall Rathbun, preserved the testimony of the two 8th-grade girls.  Though they weren’t allowed to testify before the Education Committee at the Feb. 20 hearing, they read their statements afterward at the State House.  They describe how the whole school culture was changed because of the sex ed.

Here’s what one girl described:

In 6th grade our school started the FLASH curriculum.  I will never forget the day our MALE teacher taught us what intercourse was.  That was mortifying.  We had to sit and hear very personal things with boys constantly joking about it.  It made me feel violated, like I was just an object.  Since the sex ed curriculum started, those kinds of things go on all year long.  Sexual comments are common.  Boys will even grab girls’ butts at school, including mine.  When addressed, they simply move on to someone else.  I want it to stop but if you say anything you are made fun of and no one takes you seriously.  This is wrong but everyone seems to just accept it and girls suffer in silence.  Sexual harassment is being tolerated and actually encouraged by the culture that has been fueled by sex being in every day at school.

Girls already have a hard time being respected and having sex discussed every day just makes it hard.  I, and many others, prefer to have these sensitive discussions at home with those we trust, not in front of our peers and teachers.  And by the way, opting out is not really an option.  Anyone who does that gets teased and bullied even more.  This really should be an elective class that you CHOOSE to take.  Why can’t it be that way?  We should have a choice.

In my other class we are learning about our first amendment rights.  I am supposed to have the right to exercise my religious freedom yet every day I am being forced to go against it in order to pass a class.  I am a pastor’s daughter.  Where are my rights?  Where is my right to have safe boundaries?  I don’t want this mandated on me and I certainly can’t imagine making younger kids go through this.

Today I ask you to guarantee that ALL kids’ voices are heard.  Please vote no and give us a real choice, a choice to keep our honor.

The second girl told of her experience:

I’d like to tell you what the sex education curriculum has done to our school in the last couple years.  Feeling violated is our new norm.  Sexual harassment is the new norm.  Lack of respect is the new norm.

Graphic details, pornographic images, and inappropriate assignments have become a part of every day.  Sex has now become the main topic of every conversation from the start of the school day to the end.  Boys make lewd and demeaning comments and it’s treated like no big deal, after all — it’s just our homework right?  This is very confusing and the whole culture in our school has turned toxic, especially to girls.

Imagine if your classroom activity for the day was to play bingo with words like sperm, erection, and ejaculation and your homework was to look up “penis too large” on the Internet. This is disturbing and very embarrassing but I don’t get to say no.  I don’t get to have boundaries.

The lines between sexual harassment and sex ed class are very blurry.  Think about this: It is now ok for male teachers to talk to us about sex and every aspect of it when just a few years ago that would have gotten them fired.  And if a boy tells us to “Look up page 34,” is that harassment or discussion about homework?  Where is the line?  We have lost our ability to advocate for ourselves and demand better.

Sex is very private and should be handled with respect.  But that’s not happening in our schools.  We deserve safe boundaries and we need you to provide them.  After all, we have to live with the laws you pass.  Please vote no on this bill and protect our dignity.

A high school sophomore who spoke at the hearing opposed the bill for the same reasons (at 47:20 in the State House video).  Following her classmates’ exposure to 5th-grade sex ed, “[d]egrading sexual jokes were made about my body, constantly.  I felt confused and violated[.] … It didn’t empower me nor educate me as a future woman[.]”

Pro-family citizens gather before the Washington State House on Feb. 20, 2020 in opposition to mandated “comprehensive sex education.” (Photo: Kenny Smith.)

The resistance is growing.  Radio talk show host Todd Herman (in Seattle) posted this (Feb. 11, 2020) about the CSE curricula:

I asked a career law enforcement official, Jim Fuda, of Crime Stoppers Global Solutions (which fights sex trafficking) what he thought of some of the so-called “Sex-Ed” “curriculum” the Democrats are trying to force into schools.  Jim agrees it sounds like grooming; Jim said he would have his hands around the throat of a man who said these things to kids.  I DEMAND A REAL PROTEST FROM REPUBLICANS ON THIS.  Here are some ideas:

1. READ THIS TRASH INTO THE LEGISLATIVE RECORD — if the Dems block it, scream it into the record.  Make them physically remove you from the House chambers: we are literally talking about a program that ERASES the natural boundaries kids have about talking to random adults about sex acts.

2. GET EVERY REPUBLICAN MEMBER TO DO FACEBOOK LIVES: Show the pictures they want our kids to see!  The pictures are porn and parents who see them will FREAK.  The media is HIDING THESE BILLS. GO AROUND THE MEDIA[.] …

If Republicans sit passively by while this trash is passed I see no reason to support the party[.]

OK, Republican legislators.  Where are you on this?  Why aren’t you helping us out?  How about overturning all those laws (in almost every state) that exempt schools from obscenity bans?

All sex ed in the schools — not just CSE — is obscenity.  It has become downright pornographic.  It is grooming the next generation for any act imaginable.


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