Really, Nancy, how stupid do you think we are! ! !

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi blames salon owner for “setting her up”

The despicable Nancy Pelosi is now blaming the hair salon owner for her violation of the San Francisco ban, saying they set her up and that she ‘takes responsibility for falling for a setup’:

Pelosi also says the salon owner owes her an apology, of course.

Also Greg Pollowitz notes, “The problem with Pelosi’s statement if she’s to be believed is that she doesn’t even know the economic consequences of covid in her own district. This is even worse. She thought businesses were open.”


That’s the thing. Either she’s lying or she’s incompetent. Pick whichever one you believe, but neither makes her look good. It’s not like COVID is new. It’s been around nearly all year and so have these restrictions. And what makes it worse is that she has a whole team around her that’s supposed to know these things, so she really has no excuses for incompetence.

Personally I think she just told her peons she needed her hair done and to make it happen and didn’t give a flying flip about the San Francisco ban.


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