“Show Us The Bodies!”

Habeas Corpus – “Show Us The Bodies…”

Are We At the End of Covid-19, the End of Vaccines, the End of Dictatorship and the End of the Pharmaceutical Industry?

It sure looks like it…

From Europe By Karma Singh

Habeus Corpus – Most lawyers will know of this most important legal principle but I wonder how many outside of that profession have heard of it.

I only know about it because I had to study law as part of my degree in international trade way back in the early 1970’s.

Uh-oh, i’m losing my audience…

We had the great good fortune to have a mad Welshman as our law lecturer who loved nothing more than relating anecdotes from judicial history. His enthusiasm almost led to my changing faculty to study law; then he retired and his replacement was such a grey character that he repelled me totally.

Habeas Corpus or, as our Welshman explained it, “show us the body” stems from 12th century England and was created to prevent wild accusations with no factual basis. So, for example, if someone was accused of murder, he/she could apply for Habeas Corpus, i.e. first prove that a murder has taken place before you can try me for it.

Moving across now to my own profession…


…health care and healing – I wonder how many of my colleagues have heard of Habeas Corpus and have realised how relevant it is to our present situation?

We are all being “punished” for potentially harbouring a deadly virus. Further, we are being punished without trial or even a concrete accusation of wrong doing.  Surely Habeas Corpus applies here?

A writ of Habeas Corpus would surely succeed because the burden of proof lies with the accuser, not with the punished. To evade a Habeas Corpus ruling that the punishment is not lawful and is immediately to cease, the accuser must, in this case, prove the following absolutely:-

1) That viruses exist.
2) That viruses cause disease.
3) That a virus named Covid-19 exists.
4) That Covid-19 causes severe illness and death.
5) That this disease is highly infectious.
6) That face masks and “social distancing” prevent infection.
7) That sufficiently large numbers of people have become seriously ill and/or succumbed to it to warrant extreme measures to control it.

They will, inevitably, fail in this as none of the above can be proven to the required standard (or, in most points, at all).

So, tell me once again – why aren’t my children in school?

To 1: Germany’s highest court has already ruled in December 2016 that the existence of viruses is not proven.

To 2: The preponderance of the evidence shows that the protein particles labelled “virus” are much more likely to be exosomes which communicate solutions to sickness and other problems.

To 3: The only evidence for the existence of Covid-19 is a computer model based upon guesswork as to what such a virus might look like. The virus itself has never been found or isolated.

To 4: a) Where a purported cause cannot be found, any claims as to its’ effects are completely spurious.  b) All of the purported deaths are “with” and not “of” Covid-19, i.e. it did not cause the disease/death.

To 5: There is no reliable evidence of transmission from one human to another. To the contrary, studies which have been carried out show that this does NOT take place!

To 6: a) The necessary porosity of the masks to allow breathing enables the “virus” particles to pass through unhindered.  b) Because these particles are so small, they are essentially weightless and random air currents will carry them for kilometres. Such particles regularly cross the Pacific in 3 days and the Atlantic in a little more than one day. A distance of 1.5 metres is, therefore, seen to be meaningless.

To 7: All serious illness and deaths claimed are in people who were already seriously ill and, basically, in the process of dying. In some countries, there was an upswing in deaths caused by the lockdowns denying people essential treatments. Following their deaths which began two weeks after lockdown started, death figures have returned to normal.

I, therefore, apply for this writ of Habeas Corpus and an order of immediate cessation of all punishments imposed by the respondent.

Blessed be
Karma Singh

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