EYEWITNESSES Give Testimony About Arson Attacks in Oregon—AntiFa MO Exposed

COMMENT: Hey Folks! Just want to get this information out there! Lamestream Media is totally denying it. Antifa is starting fires here in Oreegone. They are pouring gasoline in certain locations, then someone comes by later and lights it with a cocktail. Or, just dropping off gas cans. How do I know this? Our neighbor ran someone off our road who was getting out with a gas can. Later that night we had a neighborhood patrol. One of the Antifas tried to run over one of the neighbors. A little while later that same neighbor saw a car pull up a few properties away and the neighbor used a flash light. The car suddenly sped off and yelled “Antifa”.  Another neighbor followed the car to get the license plate and the car tried to ram him several times once he caught up to it. It went on all night throughout our small town. It is real!

— Submitted by JR

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