Urgent Appeal Issued to All Canadians and Especially to Business Owners

Urgent Appeal To All Canadians and Business Owners

COVID Chronicles

Our Greater Destiny

To navigate these shifting times a weekly video hosted by Hugh Riley and Ivy Reiss with guest Doreen Agostino, highlight the latest COVID19 challenges as well as opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

COVID Chronicles evidence what is being done to us, our children, and grand children, and what each of us can and MUST DO to transform perpetrated chaos into a life worth living.

End the illusion of separation

Evidence of genocide is being exposed world-wide. Yes, genocide, which requires courage, an open mind to do credible research, and an open heart to care about ourselves and one another, if we are to transform our inherited lower animal nature into our higher divine nature and freedom.

What the majority of people can and must do

First, make a conscious choice. Either stand with your fellow man to claim personal power, freedom, and create coherence, or do nothing, and be tracked like an animal 24/7, living in fear of a failed social credit score and its punishments, with no chance of ‘ever’ breaking free. https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/fileadmin/files/aam/Asia-Book_A_03_China_Social_Credit_System.pdf

Inform Elected Representatives of the Evidence

A cover letter to decision makers, and evidence of a COVID19 pLandemic have been documented to raise awareness. Use your own writing style so decision makers get different perspectives. Add your own evidence with links.

Simply copy, paste, sign, and deliver by mail, email, or hand deliver to decision makers like your elected politician, mayor, town council, school board, businesses, chief of police, public health official, and others. Here is the evidence based letter to use in Canada. The letter can be modified for us in other countries. https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/in-the-news/vcc-invites-elected-to-consider-the-evidence/

COVID Chronicles Sept 10.20 video

Letter to NZ Prime Minister and Health Minister


Letter attachment and evidence based links. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Letter-Attach-NZ.doc

Back story, and more resources at https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/09/urgent-present-elected-representatives-the-evidence-cv19/

People are waking up and withdrawing CONsent

Aug 29.20 Ottawa 20,000 Canadians protested on Parliament Hill.
Aug 29.20 Berlin 1 million people protested.
Sept 11.20 Kiwis protested in New Zealand.
Sept 13.20 Montreal 100,000 people protested

The evidence is clear – use it to break free

ISOLATION centers in Toronto and Quebec City were announced. For what, coronavirus SARS -COV2 never isolated using the gold standard of medical testing to prove it causes COVID19? https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/09/h-e-l-l-cometh/

Please, without delay send your letter to decision makers, and forward the link to others with a request that they inform their local decision makers. https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/in-the-news/vcc-invites-elected-to-consider-the-evidence/

Time is short. Thank you.

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