COVID-1984 Developments: Every Patriot needs to know about these

New Kew & The Emerging Reality [videos]

T minus 50 days to the US election, and no, the world will not magically transform as a result of President Trump’s re-election—but it will show the brain-dead what the situation is. We don’t care if they don’t like President Trump. He is the ONLY one who can fix this planet and save Humanity.

The battles rage, subtly and in our faces. The purpose of this particular attack? It seems pointless.

We still have two additional aggregator sites: and pulling Q posts from 8Kun. You can see the new drops here.


There are no doubt people who don’t understand the situation in Western USA with the fires. Calling the battlefield “the west coast” minimizes the vast area of destruction. It involves at least one third of the land mass, as evidenced by this Inciweb graphic we shared previously.

Did Antifa start ALL the fires? No. Some were started with directed energy weapons, as we illustrated in video captured initially by long-time researcher Dutchsinse and mirrored by others. Some were started by lightning and Human causes as we see every year, but this level of destruction is not “accidental”. This is war, and they’ve done it before in California, no question.

My other half just arrived home from errands and tells me there is another fire burning near us. This is unprecedented. This is the fourth nearby when there has never been one this close in 16 years. There are vagrants living around here on the state land so who know how this one got started.


How far will the deep state tyrants go to subjugate Humanity? They begin by initiating small, seemingly harmless steps that few would object to, and work their way up from there. With the sheep not alerted to the “grand plan”, they willingly go along. The next time, they push a little further, then a little further, and the totalitarian tip-toe goes unnoticed and accepted as a way of life—until it’s too late.

Door-to-door MEDICAL TYRANNY: City of Houston to dispatch COVID medical experimentation teams to homes of “randomly selected” residents to DRAW BLOOD for a government pandemic experiment

The deep state/shadow government has no interest in healing Humanity, protecting them, or keeping them safe. Never have. All that matters to them is their agenda: to restore their power on the planet and eliminate us.

FDA hoarding 60 million doses of donated hydroxychloroquine that should be going to sick Americans



America is going to re-elect Donald Trump as their president. That is a fact—and there’s not a thing the satanic El-ites can do about it.

EPIC! Massive Latinos For Trump Caravan Underway in Miami – MORE THAN 4,000 VEHICLES! (VIDEO)

If you’ve listened to the Trump rallies you may have heard him speak about Joe Biden or “Hidin’ Biden” cowering in his basement. The President has said that when he asks what happened to him, that he’s told “he’s shot”—and he has repeated this a number of times. Is he telling us the real Biden was delivered his consequences for treason and his other crimes? It’s entirely possible the military conducted their tribunal and dealt with him appropriately. Where’s Hunter?

We have more good news.


The news continues to alert us to the plans of the NWO for Humanity. When is the next big election in Oz?

Leaked Chinese files reveal 2.4M Aussies targeted in ‘sinister’ surveillance program

These people are sick.


I was about to sign off as it’s a slow news day and our power went out, and when all was reset, this new Q drop appeared. It’s the ANTIFA fire brigade; not for putting fires out—for starting them. Click on the jpg file. There’s more there, as well. These terrorists aren’t fooling anyone but themselves.


Sep 14, 2020 1:39:24 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: ab23e2 No. 10645618 

Enough with the climate change bullshit. Q told us it was going to be very hot this spring/summer. The deep state has controlled the weather and they are starting the fires and blaming it on climate change. The same old broken record.

I love the President’s response. Of course it’s going to get cooler. It’s going to go back to normal when the psychopaths are unsuccessful at manipulating the world with their typical fake science and terrorism.


Here’s an interesting update from Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior from Ground Crew Command radio. Forgive the formatting. It’s not compatible here on the blog.

From Now Till The US Presidential Elections, Could Be The Final Countdown

There’s been a massive upsurge in physical & non-physical battles (therefore intensities) in the past few days (when it was already insane enough as it was) … because of the convergence of the following developments:

the last real opportunity yesterday’s ritual date of Labor Day provided to the dark ones for their black-magic crap to work, until Oct 31st
the dwindling numbers as well as territory lost by the Draco & Dark Fleet within the sub-lunar, atmospheric & underground territory … that’s amplified their desperation & panic to a fever-pitch
extreme desperation by the Surface Cabal to create false-flags, to blame on Q / Q-followers & the anti-Cabal portion of the surface population
increased non-physical attacks on Starseeds & the surface population
increased irradiation weapons against the surface population – to help achieve all the above, with more focus & priority on Key Starseeds
increased energetic campaigns by Key Starseeds … in response to all the above & to support White Hats efforts … on a daily basis
increased up-surge of all kinds of negative entities being ‘flushed out’ by a combination of the above efforts by Key Starseeds … extreme CMEs from the Sun … Schuman spikes … and off-world positive groups removing even more dark civilizations & structures
many Starseeds empathically feeling the incomprehensible panic & terror of the physical & non-physical dark ones

As a result of all this … putting together & holding this week’s episode of Ground Crew Command has become an impossibility …

We’re effectively in a Code Red situation, and possibly the main culmination point before the main Mass Arrests & Primary Liberation actions on the physical.

Be sure to at least do this each morning, for 10mins … to help stabilize the situation, unless you get clear guidance to do something else … per your soul talents & uniquely assigned tasks.

The next 144K Mass Meditation is on the September Equinox on September 22nd.

And so it goes. Signing off for now.  ~ BP


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