This is why ‘stealth virus’ COVID-19 is so very hard to contain.

Comment posted by HPC

This is why COVID is so difficult to stop and treat:

1. Does not spread at BLM rallies despite none of them seemingly abiding by the 6 foot rule and many don’t have masks.

2. It spreads like wild fire at Trump Rallies and small mom-and-pop stores but doesn’t survive on Amazon packages. Nor does it spread at Amazon distribution facilities.

3. If within 6 feet it’s deadly but at 7 feet miraculously stops spreading. It doesn’t matter if wearing a N95 mask or a cheap bandana as a mask since it obviously doesn’t discriminate.

4. It seems especially aggressive at beaches back between March and August but now seems to ignore the beach unless its Labor Day or 4th of July.

5. It’s especially deadly at any church gatherings, motorcycle rallies or 2nd Amendment marches and probably its favorite place to spread.

No wonder they can’t stop this virus! It’s the trickiest thing we’ve ever encountered.

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