Let Sanity Prevail!

Tulare, CA
September 18, 2020

by Rich Scheck

The country has been spiraling into an abyss of turmoil and intense social unrest for years. That process accelerated back in May following the death of George Floyd.

Many decent folks are deeply concerned that the covid virus crisis is being used to destroy our liberties and impose an oppressive regime of mandatory vaccinations and tracking.

At a minimum, people should have a choice as to whether they want to take the vaccine or not. If that option is eliminated based on uncertain science by officials many of whom have conflicts of interest with Big Pharma that has been granted immunity from liability, the groundwork for tyranny will be in place.

A Unity Movement has finally emerged bringing together a broad variety of varying groups who are demanding choice rather than injecting a dubious product into our children and ourselves:

It is my deepest wish that this Truth Movement will gain momentum and sweep away the irrational thrust for a potentially dangerous and oppressive regime under the guise of public health.

Whatever your political persuasion, we can and must do better.

Let Sanity Prevail!

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