The Greatest Hidden Secret in American History

The COVID-19 HOAX – Plandemic Explained in Great Detail

Russell Jay


War Castles – Military Insider – Robert-Leroy:Horton -PART I Updated Version — TRANSCRIPT — The Greatest Hidden Secret in American History 

An Interview with Russell-Jay:Gould
Assassination Attempts on Donald J. Trump
The COVID-19 HOAX – Plandemic Explained in Great Detail – the best explanation – the truth.
Kill Cities by Rothschild and Rockefeler by Delores Tavares

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*Also see: COVID-19 – Largest Political Hoax in World History.  Added 7-20-2020.

Transcript and Notes taken by Jeff Linke from a lecture and interview with Scott Kesterson on GlobalSpiritualRevolutionRadio – Returning to the Original Constitution of 1776.  Please Read this as this is SO VERY Important to know and understand what the hell is going on.
Begins around 8:00 minute mark.
The Virus is REAL — the Pandemic is FAKE!
This was an Organized Plan was to have a Global Currency Reset by crashing the US Dollar, converting and issuing SDR’s, then converting everything to the Chinese Yuan, have World Wide Vaccinations and move the World Headquarters to China with a central hub in Wuhan.

Bill Gates is planning on having mandatory vaccinations –  vaccinating everyone in the world and tagging them in the process. The virus is real – the pandemic is a HOAX. The virus is nothing more than the flu.

If you want to know what kind of guy Bill Gates REALLY is – you must check this out as this will tell you 100% just what kind of guy Bill Gates is – one word – EVIL.  He is briefing the CIA on a Virus/Vaccine he has made for a Bioweapon. Bill Gates – FUNVAX – briefing to CIA – unbelievable! 7-20-2020

The virus was released in November / December 2019 time frame, then Nancy Pelosi released the Articles of Impeachment on January 15th, 2020. This diverts the medias attention to be focused on Trump and these false accusations. They were trying to distract Trump from the virus but he was on top of it and blocked travel from China.
Now the test kits that were coming in from China were contaminated WITH the Virus, meaning that anyone that tested with the test would test positive with the virus and infecting them with it at the very same time. EVIL.
The entire thing was a SETUP to create FEAR and to claim a PANDEMIC. The virus itself is NOT that lethal but they wanted to create the fear that is was contagious and DEADLY – but it was a HOAX. It does target those with weakened immune systems and that was enough to get the scare going.
Then comes the next wave of their plan. The media was to spread the need for ventilators. Suddenly the media places panic in the public by focusing on the lack of ventilators available. This was a false flag also as the ventilator was actually a trap because using ventilators resulted in MORE Deaths.
The scam is so deep and so well planned that it is hard to get our head around it and comprehend that there are people in charge of this world that are capable of such evil, but when you have Trillions of Dollars at your disposal and have captured and corrupted Senior Leadership at ALL levels – it is very possible to play out this script into a real movie.
Now the senior management of certain hospitals were in on this evil plandemic and they begin coding almost ALL illnesses as Covid-19. This also translates to MORE Federal Money being sent to the hospitals – so they had every incentive to go along. To top it off – if they place their patients on ventilators they get 3 times more money.
So now the media spins it up that the U.S. is short on ventilators. The previous administration did not stock up on ventilators. The media which is 100% controlled and owned by the Cabal who wrote this evil narrative begins perpetuating fear by saying we are out of ventilators.
When there is fear – people naturally do not want to go out and spend money, they want to isolate and wait it out until the dust settles and they feel it is safe to go back out and spend. They were pushing Trump to draconian measures in hope that he would declare Martial Law which would help to crush the economy. This would in effect FORCE Socialism which would also wipe out subsidies. The hope was to decimate that economy and put all the blame on Trump – which would take away his voting base so they could easily win power back in November 2020. This is ALL for the New World Order that they have been pushing hard for – for some 40 years now.
So this is how the virus was launched. Now let’s look at the Patriots counter attack which was quite frankly at a level of unimaginable genius. Our medical system itself is weaponized as we have doctors who are in the pockets of Big Pharma and pushing the plandemic. They are pushing for things that will not make us get better but will decrease our health – specifically referring to Vaccinations. There is so much more money to be made in Disease than in being healthy, so a cure is completely out of the picture.

The military began interceding in two critical areas. The military begin building medical facilities all over the country which had an immediate impact on alleviating the medias attempt at creating fear. Now the fear story that this virus would wipe out half of the population – which was totally fake. Trump sent the ship Mercy in LA and the ship Comfort in New York – by doing this it took the fear level down. These two cities are two of the largest Luciferian Cults in the country and as the plan was for the Mayors of these cities to call to their Governors for help and the Governors would call upon the United Nations to bring their troops in. By strategically placing these two ships in LA and New York and along with other National Guard elements in the name of medical prevention the fear levels continued to alleviate more.

Don’t pay attention to what you see in the news on tv but pay attention to what you are NOT seeing. What is really going on is that you have an incredible amount of military activity going on in LA and in NY. There is a war with the Drug Cartels and with Human Traffickers from Central America throughout Mexico and throughout the United States with a Hub in Venezuela. They are completely dismantling these networks and saving these children. As all of this is happening you are seeing a sudden drop in cross border trafficking in the Southern Border and there is a huge drop in drug supply entering the United States. The Lucifeian networks are being defeated. Notice how quiet Hollywood has been? Democrat deep state operatives are actually becoming compliant as the networks are being destroyed.
In 1871 the Constitution was secretly and quietly replaced and instead of FOR the people it is now OF the people. This is when the United States began turning into a Corporate state. The Assumption is that President Trump is turning us back into the state of Pre-1871. This has not happened yet. When they passed the bill for $6.5 Trillion and people are freaking out about this – what we need to know is that he who has the biggest debt BECOMES the BANKER.

Steve Mnuchan used to work for Goldman Sach’s and Goldman Sachs now HATES him because he is a true patriot for Trump and America. He has created what is called an SPV – Special Purpose Vehicle. This SPV was attached to the Treasury. As the stimulus bill was passed the Treasury begin providing Bonds and funding through other special Corporate purchases like taking Interest (certain percentage ownership) through Private Holdings. Now, the Federal Reserve cannot do this on it’s own, BUT the Treasury CAN. This is why you are hearing that Trump has merged the Fed with the Treasury – so he can buy back and restore America.   So as the Treasury begins to provide funding to huge businesses like Ford, GM, Lockheed, Raytheon – they are in effect taking personal Ownership in these and this is NOT the Obama model, this is the Trump “Rebuild America” model. Now, as we take these ownerships the Federal Reserve begins to spend money and even though it is paper money, it none the less has value and this is important to understand. The money starts Funneling INTO the Treasury and doing so it triggers and automatic process in the Federal Reserve which means they have to begin BUYING U.S. Debt across the Globe. The reason for this is that they have to backstop the dollar and if they don’t do this they will lose control of the dollar. The Federal Reserve is still tied to the dollar. The Deep State, Globally Elite and Cabals plan is to rupture the economy and completely TRASH – totally COLLAPSE the U.S. Dollar and RESET the Global Currency to an SDR which is a BASKET of Currencies and these combined currencies are to become the Chinese Yuan and the Central HUB of Operations was to be Wuhan China.

As the Federal Reserve makes up money for the Treasury it is STILL TIED to the U.S. Dollar and Central Banking is still tied to the Dollar so they automatically have to begin a process of Buying up U.S. Debt. This is important because now the Fed is doing EXACTLY what we want it to do, it is buying up ALL the Holdings from all the Governments from around the World that are holding U.S. Bonds. The projection is the purchase rate will be about $2.5 Trillion a Month of US Bond holdings. What this means is that Steve Mnuchin has complete control of the Federal Reserve.
Now back to the Act of 1871 – there are 3 parts – 3 Power Structures – which are important to understand. One is the Vatican, one is London City and one is Washington D.C.  The Vatican being the Primary Control Agent. London being the World Banking Agent. Washington D.C. being the Military Arm.
 It is called the TRIAD or Triangle. The U.S. being the Military Wing of this Triad and enforcing the Banking Policies of London and control element being the Vatican.
Now you will notice that some of the highest Deaths from this Virus was in Italy and it was NO accident that many were BISHIPS who just happened to be involved with Chid Sex and Human Trafficking. Effectively as the Virus rolled out there was a Coalition of 22 Countries that are DEEPLY involved in all this – Trump has revealed this.
There was a HEAVY Strike to the Vatican to Wipe out its power and control. London has been effectively Neutralized through the Funding and Financial side. Effectively what we just witnessed was the Act of 1871 being used AGAINST itself.
Trump just performed what in business terms is called a HOSTILE Takeover of a Corporation. As of now Trump CONTROLS the Federal Reserve and the Treasury… the Chairman of the Board now reports DIRECTLY to Trump. This was Genius. There is only 1 way this could happen and that is if Trump has changed the Power Structure within the City States. This means that Trump is now the MOST powerful man in the World. Trump has accomplished ALL of this under the Cover of the Wuhan China Virus.
So as the Deep State launched its plan to try to topple the economy – Trump and his patriot team has countered under the cover of this plan itself. We have been in what is called a De Facto Martial Law but Trump allowed the States the burden to protect their own people (which was freaking Genius). The Deep State is now caught in their own Web of Lies. Now the State Governors are responsible for keeping their people safe. Trump provides guidelines to follow and part of keeping people in their homes and isolated is to protect them from False Flag operations by the Deep State and to protect from any potential Military Operations ordered by Trump and Patriots – his team. ALL of these things are happening and they are not being reported on – IF they were reported on it would be PROOF that this Virus is FALSE – it is a HOAX. Trump has caught the Deep State in their own trap!
The Defense Act of 1950 gives Trump the power to Seize and take Control of any Corporation that he wants and direct them to produce whatever he requests.
This is important to understand: Our Economy was in complete control and owned by the Chinese Communist Party. We have Politicians, most of the Democratic Party is on their Pay Rolls. We have Key Governors that have been OWNED by the Chinese Communist Party. We have big Corporations that are OWNED by the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese did this in a way that was very smart – they knew if they bought the Majority Shares that they would be blocked – so rather than buying majority shares they were buying 30 and 45% of the companies and Stealing their technology but they got away with this because they had Economic Leverage so if they wouldn’t abide by what they said – they would TANK the stock – they own most of the major Corporations in the United States right now.
NOW, Steve Mnuchin is buying up those shares and RETAKING our Corporations back. So what Trump is doing is legally and lawfully taking back our Country and this one of the things he says when he says he wants to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” When Trump says that our Economy will take off – he KNOWS it will because WE are in the process of Regaining control of America and NOT China.
Trump and his team has done the impossible and did it in a very short time and did it when under BRUTAL Attack from the Deep State. This is why President Trump will go down as the Greatest President in History.
He is in the process of completely shifting the Global economy and is strengthening the Dollar when the whole plan was to Collapse the Dollar. It is an act of brilliance in action. He has wiped out TWO of the Three centers in the Triad (triangle of power). Also, he is BYPASSING and changing the supply chains so we no longer are dependent on China and no longer making them Wealthy. What he has done is nothing short of a miracle.
He has also remapped our entire logistics supply chain. Every nut and bolt purchased for a US aircraft must be able to be traced back to the manufacturer, so he is removing Chinese Manufacturing from the entire picture here.
Trump has reset the entire structure of our economy in the past two months alone.
Notice the hot spots that the media is reporting on the virus is in locations where the Luciferian Cabal is in control. These states will be the slowest to open up – Washington, California, Michigan, New York, but when they reopen they will a logistic system that will be geared to re-tool, rebuild and re-energize America OUTSIDE of Chinese Control. He has turned their devious plans against them. He has outsmarted them all.
People don’t understand how far OFF the Cliff we were – if Hillary would of won – it would have been GAME OVER for America. Luciferian Elites had taken control of our Largest Corporations and had them under control. Now Trump and his great team (Mnuchin) have made the incredible strategic moves to take them back. The Jesuits – Luceriferian Elite Cabal had the power financial power political power and the last but most effective of them all the Media power – which will be the very last to fall – but they will.
The entire Global Economy was shut down based on FEAR, we had no proof – the media was their science. What is worrisome is that the entire world was so compliant to accepting this as truth without ZERO true proof. The media was not telling the truth but this just shows how their conditioning and programming has worked the past 70 years on the world and yes, the Luciferian Cabal has had control – 100% control of the World media since its conception. We have never been told the truth from day 1. It is time people wake up and realize this triad power structure that was set up – actually beginning mid 1800’s when a Pope had the plan to Incorporate the United States.
When they told us to go in our houses we all did. There were no protests nor were there mass requests for hard proof. There were no mentions of using available drugs already on the market for this virus AND that should have been a CLEAR clue that this was a Fabrication. The focus was IMMEDIATELY on a VACCINE and trying NEW drugs that still had a 20 plus years of PATENT life. When Trump heard that Hydroxychloroquine was working – the CDC and WHO said it didn’t – that drug cost well under a $1 per pill and the other by Gilead was going to cost around $1,000 per pill and it was clear that Hydroxychloroquine was working and had enhanced effectiveness when taken with Zinc as it helps the zinc to enter the cells. Cells full of zinc can NOT become infected with a virus.
There is a larger threat than the virus itself and it is Frequency. This is where they begin saying to wear a mask, wash hands, wash surfaces, focused on social distancing and Dr. Fauci said we may never be able to shake hands ever again. They usually put a couple obvious facts with all their non-fiction narrative hoping the public will notice those facts and assume the rest is true.
Here is what is scary. It appears that we ALL are already infected with something that is NOT a virus but is is a Nano-Tech that many call “SMART DUST”. It comes from our atmosphere and we cannot see it or really sense it all. It appears that this actual virus that they label COVID-19 can somehow work with smart dust. So in this fake epidemic they have used the Virus which creates the FEAR and since we all have this smart dust in our systems that work with the virus it helps the infection continue to grow, but the fear part of all of this is to WILLINGLY ACCEPT vaccination.
This is the Bill Gates draconian rules and it is is worse than ANYTHING we can imagine. Because once we receive this vaccination, whatever agents they place in these vaccinations – they will help BOND the Virus and the Smart Dust. YES, these Luciferian Devil Worshipers have had this plan for years and has been in development for decades. The final nail in humanities coffin is the Bill Gates Vaccination as it will react with the Smart Dust from the Chemtrails we have been breathing in for decades and will react with the Virus. The final Kicker is to add an RFID TAG. These things will work in unison – now the public and social media has been focusing on 5-G, but it is directed FREQUENCIES from Satellites that we really have to worry about.
Now the whole idea of all this “Plandemic” is for these Luciferian bastards to run the entire world population on a GRID that would be run by an Artificial Intelligence System that was built by GOOGLE and tested thoroughly in China.
Once every single person has their RFID tag in their body – you have a virus and a smart dust in your system and this can be activated to cause these to actually BOND with our own DNA. Now they have full control of us as they can use their satellite frequencies and high beam 5-G to activate our own DNA that can cause ALL kinds of manipulations that have been thoroughly studied and mastered – like cognitive dissonance, extreme ADD, all the way down to complete system failure to cause death in anyone is NON-COMPLIANT. They FORCE you to become totally Dependent on a Socialized system just like China is right now so if you protest or are non-compliant in any way they can cut you off the GRID and you no longer have access to your money, food or government services. They just wipe you off the grid entirely. You are essentially starved out and this was their true vision for the ENTIRE Global Population – their true vision of a ONE WORLD Government.
People do NOT even know just how close we were to this. If we didn’t have President Trump they would be rolling out vaccinations right this very second and their would already be millions vaccinated.
The ONE thing that we all need to be greatly aware of right now is our State Governors. This fight has moved from Federal to State. There are some EVIL Governors out there right now. We have to watch out even on our County Levels. What are we watching out for? The Vaccination propaganda.
We CANNOT allow vaccinations as this is the END GAME for life as we know it. It will create a GLOBAL CONCENTRATION camp run by Luciferian Devil Worshipers – what some call the Elite or the Cabal or the Deep State – SAME group.
The Act of 1871 – to truly Make America Great again we need to go back to our Original Constitution. This is another aspect and the MAJOR aspect that Trump is talking about when he says “Make America Great Again.” If we go back and live by the original constitution life will be so much better – it will provide so many opportunities and will be FAIR.
The most DEADLY Weapon that the Cabal has is the MEDIA. The media must be dislodged because it is controlling the masses right now. Then we have to re-wire the entire system – not just our minds but the actual system we have become dependent on.
Then there are these caveats along the way that need to come out – like – our Governments involvement in Drug and Human Trafficking, the underground tunnels they use to traffic, how they actually have HARVESTED children in our society, how they have tortured children to produce Adrenochrome. You have to know that our Government was run by Luciferian Devil Worshiping SICK people for a very LONG time – Hundreds of years. This will NOT be easy for the public to accept as truth – the politicians that they believed were so great were the ones with the Devils tongue – saying one thing and intending another. It will be extremely difficult to accept that the Church you have been attending ALL your life is involved in all of this – in fact they were the Upper Echelon of the operation.

As we reveal all of these truths it appears the act of 1871 was weaponized as a hostile corporate takeover and the Fed will be re-organized and restructured and right now President Trump is literally the MOST POWERFUL MAN IN HISTORY. Not only does Trump control the Federal Reserve but he controls the entire destiny of Nations – including China. China’s Yuan is pegged to the Dollar – remember the plan was to crash the dollar and issue SDR’s and convert all currency to the Yuan – Trump has spoiled this operation and reversed it. The Federal Reserve Chairman is directly reporting to Trump and this is an incredible position to be in and many will not grasp the significance that this really is.

What has transpired in the year 2020 has been nothing short of miraculous and Trump, his team, the Patriots and the White Hats are beginning to gain control of the powers that the Luciferian Satanic Cabal have had a firm grip on for hundreds of years. The election of 2020 will be the do or die moment in humanities history, if the Democrats win – they will take back power for good but if Trump wins he can continue to take down the Cabal which will take a few more years and then the Good guys will win and have power for the very first time in history. If Trump is reelected he will bring down the evil cabal and restore our original constitution. This is no ordinary 4 year election – this is the election that will determine if we will be a Free country or a Communist Country.
TRUMP 2020!

Italian Doctor tells the TRUTH about COVID-19 and makes a Plea to Italians to please wake up and see what is going on.  

See the Doctors Videos PART I and PART II that tells the Truth about Americas Top Doctors who have treated COVID-19 patients with 100% success – this was immediately censored by Youtube, Twitter and Facebook and the mainstream media would’t cover this.  The First Video quickly had over 20 Million views within 12 hours and was immediately deleted when everyone was sharing it. The second video was immediately censored.


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