Courageous Canadians Gear Up for Civil Disobedience Nationwide

Canada must suspend illegal COVID measures or face massive shutdown and civil disobedience on Oct 01.20

Breaking: Media Release from the Republic News Service 09.17.20

Our Greater Destiny

In the wake of outlawing COVID measures on Sept 8 by the National Council of Common Law Assemblies (NCCLA), the Canadian government was today given an ultimatum by the Council to suspend all illegal measures by Sept 30 or face a nation-wide Non-Cooperation movement that will paralyze the country.

“We’re talking strikes, sit-ins, and seizures of public buildings” said NCCLA Secretary Martin Beresford today.

“The so-called Health officials who are single handedly running our police state will face summary arrest by our Sheriffs for committing crimes against the health and liberty of the people. And we’re going to start publicly burning our masks this Monday.”

According to the NCCLA, citizens in nearly 100 Canadian communities have organized in their own Assemblies to enforce the September 8 law that bans all COVID measures across Canada and allows the arrest of anyone who enforces the measures. These citizens will engage in a massive and ongoing civil disobedience campaign starting October 1.

To mark the commencement of this resistance, public mask burning will begin outside government offices. Canadians will refuse to pay taxes or obey laws not authorized by their own local Common Law Assemblies.

“This is the next stage in our political and spiritual independence from corporate tyranny” said Republic Co-Convener Kevin Annett. “We are reclaiming power from a criminal regime and placing it in the hands of all the people.”

The way out of chaos

Privileges accruing to people through a Constitutional document entrenched as supreme law, were historically achieved through insurrections, revolutions, civil wars, or world wars that in retrospect, perpetuated the eternal struggle between good and evil.

If we keep doing what we’ve always done we’ll keep getting the same results, which tells us that the way out of chaos is not more chaos. The way out of chaos is within, which requires courage, and discernment to see through the propaganda, distractions, deception, and technocracy where artificial intelligence now rules.

Every day you can ask the One and Only Power, which gives you breath, awareness, and freewill choice, for guidance, protection, and resources to transition into a new era with most ease and grace.

Please inform others so they can prepare in advance, and ask them to forward this message to neutralize fear porn COVID19 ‘unproven’ narratives. Thank you.


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