Is War With Iran the Perfect Way To Deflect Attention Away From Impeachment?

Nipomo, CA
December 31, 2019

by Rich Scheck

What better way to change the subject away from impeachment than to finally have that long promised war with Iran?

How convenient to distract from the Pelosi/Schiff fiasco and to unify the two wings of the war party that both support Israel’s agenda for endless Middle East wars! Right on cue we have the latest skirmish to begin the new year as the 2020 election starts to kick in

War with Iran would be a win/win for all the DC scoundrels by allowing them to move past the morass of impeachment and on to a subject they can agree on.

Bomb Syria and Iraq to provoke their allies in the Shia Crescent and now we have the US Embassy in Baghdad under an attack that provides the pretext to take the fight to the Mullahs in Tehran!

Tulsi Gabbard had it right when she announced her campaign would be all about “war and peace” because that is the most serious issue confronting voters faced with the nation’s moral, financial and political bankruptcy after decades of Imperial over-reach in the name of Pax Americana.

Tulsi and Marianne Williamson are arguably the only peace candidates in this election other than yours truly who is running a write-in campaign to protest the illegitimacy of our elections. It will be interesting to see how these women deal with the likely hawkish support of their party colleagues for Trump as he moves forward with his promise to “make Iran pay!”

Will Gabbard finally break ranks and flee the Democrats who have assailed her for months? Will Williamson find the strength to transcend any Zionist loyalties she may have as a result of her Jewish heritage? We shall see soon enough.

The coming days are fraught with increased danger following the recent developments that come close on the heals of the joint Russia/China/Iran military collaboration that appears to have anticipated the latest escalation.

War with Iran probably now seems irresistible for Trump. He can aggressively take on Israel’s regional enemy; secure the Jewish vote in the face of the Bloomberg campaign challenge; provide the support Bibi needs to escape his legal and political predicaments;
change the conversation away from his own alleged misdeeds by reminding voters of the Iranian “threat” while doing what is almost guaranteed to enlist his Democratic enemies to his side in the name of protecting Israel.

Is there going to be a war with Iran? No matter what happens, we are bound to get some clarification as to where folks stand on the key issue of war and peace, especially as it pertains to our relationship with Israel.

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