“THE LINE IN THE SAND” — Intro Video


Message from Sacha Stone

Dear Friends,

Many of you riding the storm in more convivial environments around the world may not be fully aware of the perfect geometry that is playing out across the lives of millions of souls in denser climes. There is a (rude) awakening process underway which is manifesting as Draconian overrule and severe abuse of our fellows. Government overreach, police oath-breaking, medical-fascism and outright public psychosis, the likes of which we have never seen in peacetime, coupled to an insidious degree of censorship across all social & mainstream media platforms.

This is our world. Lets change the script.

Through all my years of frontline activism I have addressed head-on the distortions that keep humanity enslaved by asking permission of fictitious authorities all the while abrogating our soul covenant. NewEarth has spoken to the need for remedy within oneself if we are to redeem the greater apocalyptic narrative, and the work of New Earth University and also the ITNJ is living testament to this.

As the culmination to our World Health Sovereignty Summit launched in June this year, we are drawing THE LINE IN THE SAND via a marathon 4-hour broadcast. Hosted by myself, Imani and Dr David Martin (featured in the recent Plandemic film by Mikki Willis), we invite you to join us as we tap into the ‘pulse of the people’: October 2nd.

In grace and service,

Sacha Stone

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