Was Biden infected with COVID-19?

Joe Biden Infected? Showing COVID Symptoms?

Patriots for Truth

Get ready, patriots. They are teeing up Joe for removal and replacement. Of course, they will blame President Trump for his COVID death. There will be a huge funeral, hoping for the martyrdom vote. Who knows if Joe will actually be in the casket. He could be placed in a private wing of a dementia care facility.

No one will really know. But Kamala will be ready to jump into his position. (If Titter says this tweet is not available to you, click ‘enter’ a few times until it appears.)


Remember…Kamala Harris is not eligible to hold the office of president…and Hillary Clinton knows this. Don’t think for a minute that Hildabeast won’t use this info weapon to knock Kamala off the ticket.

Senator Kamala Harris does not appear to be an American citizen. Neither parent was American. . . not to mention that Kamala’s Jamaican father Donald Jasper Harris’ Berkeley, California student housing address did not qualify as a “residence and domicile” that would satisfy the 14th Amendment “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” qualifying proviso. Donald’s Jamaican, British & United Nations diplomatic sponsorships actually prohibited Kamala from any citizenship by birth claim pursuant to the precedent-setting case United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898). Conclusion: Short of naturalization, for which no evidence has been presented, Kamala may not even be an American. She was a Jamaican citizen at birth.


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