Powerful Group of International Attorneys suing Germany over patently inaccurate COVID-19 tests

Crimes Against Humanity: CDC Admits Covid19 Test Does Not Exist

Our Greater Destiny

Note: at about 20 minutes this lawyer goes over the CDC information on the test not existing.

Source https://healthandmoneynews.wordpress.com/2020/10/04/crimes-against-humanity-cdc-admits-covid19-test-does-not-exist/

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ATTORNEY REINER FUELLMICH, who is part of an international group of lawyers suing the government of Germany over the so-called pandemic, gives reasons why they are doing so in the link below. This 49-minute video is very informative, but if it is too much for you, I suggest that you start at the 21-minute mark and go at least to the 35-minute mark.

This section shows that the so-called covid test is not based on science at all. It is why a great number of doctors and scientists insist that covid-19 is little more than the common flu and has been greatly inflated by the pharmaceutical companies and the media in order to make money. (And, in my opinion, to gain governmental power.)

The attorney’s credentials and the group that he represents are given at the start of the video. It is well worth listening to the entire video.

Source https://godskingdom.org/blog/2020/10/international-attorney-suing-germany-over-inaccurate-covid-tests

Back up in case YT disables the video https://www.brighteon.com/cb101719-5bcf-4447-9298-887b8c2afbb9

No proof SARS-COV 2 causes COVID19

Legal action in progress, and confirmation from scientists, Canada, Ireland, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/10/there-is-no-proof-sars-cov-2-causes-covid19/

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