Here’s why the Democrats are going to get crushed on Election day.

“I am an independent. I have voted for democrats on a few occasions over the last several decades (thankfully, not for Hillary Clinton or Obama). I prided myself in voting for the person and the issues, not the party. However, in November, I will be voting a straight GOP ballot. The Democrats have made themselves the party of anti-police, anti-law enforcement and communism. They have not so much as criticized or condemned the rioting, looting, arson, and outright attacks on police officers–and even the destruction of police precincts. The most important thing I expect of my public officials is to keep my community and my country safe, secure, and functioning under the rule of law. I have many other issues with the current warped version of the Democratic Party, but this issue alone guarantees my vote against every Democrat on the ballot.”

— Posted by JncleRay

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