OCTOBER SURPRISE! The Hunter Biden scandal is really rich and just keeps on giving, but these facts ought to be disseminated BEFORE the election!

This is a Cultural Revolution. We have 18 days to stop it at the Ballot Box

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The MSM and Tech Companies are providing top cover for the communist-Democrat and Biden Criminal family.

Actions to Take:

1. Talk to people (go door to door if you have to)

2. Forward NY Post story to friends and family in email, WhatsApp, pigeon carrier

3. Get your talking points in order:

  • This isn’t about Biden’s Son. He’s the source, but the reason this is resulting in massive media blackouts is because Joe Biden is implicated in the content.
  • Millions and millions of dollars have exchanged hands to gain access to Biden’s influence in the federal government.
  • No one gives a shit about a little crack and whores (except we enjoy reading about it.)
  • $1 Billion in taxpayer money being withheld because a foreign government is investigating a company your crackhead son receives money from IS a big deal.
  • Especially when that person is now running for president. It begs the question of what else might be sold using US money for his personal gain
  • This is all very important because you are seeing chaos right now: treason from Big Tech for covering this up; national security threat from a compromised Biden; and past cases of corruption in the Obama administration.

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