Jesuit Anti Truth Conference Held at St. Peter’s University by Dr. Barna Donovan Triggers Explosive Student Pushback

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent to State of the Nation, among several other letters from participants at the Jesuit Anti Truth Conference on October 13th.  It presents a very telling response to an extremely dangerous and aggressive anti-truth movement that is growing way too fast across America today.

Media Lies About Anti Truth Conference


I am one of the people who tried to take part in the St. Peter’s University conference on conspiracy theories and I can tell you that everything written about it now in the media is a pack of lies.

First, St. Peter’s communications professor Barna Donovan is blogging about it and how much interaction he had with the guests:

A lie! Everyone was in a chat room and they refused to talk to you if you questioned the official party line about anything.

The local media is covering up the truth with stories like this:

Filthy lies and censorship!!! Propaganda. Government and higher education and mainstream media all obviously in bed. And now they’re trying to cover it up!!

The last letter you posted about ulterior motives for this sham of a conference asks important questions. Why 9/11 now? Is this some kind of a predictive programming? Is this inoculation against something big that’s coming our way?

An SOTN Reader

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