Confirmed: Trump Has Footage Of Hunter Biden
Raping And Torturing Little Girls — Set To Release

Alex Jones Special Report from “Banned Videos site”


This video from Alex Jones and Info Wars, reveals more information about the Biden crime family and the sadistic, sexual activity with underage girls of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The videos of this activity has already been viewed by quite a few people world wide, including the FBI that had it in their possession over 6 months, and did nothing.

Apparently, those that have the videos are in the process of blurring certain areas in the video to allow it to be released to the public. Once that is done, it should be available as early as Sunday the 18th on sites like Infowars and other alternative sites that show banned videos. From what I can tell, Trump has seen the videos, and Rudy Giuliani has seen them as well, and said in an interview he could not describe what he saw, it was that vile and disgusting.

The researcher from Taiwan that explained the release of the 3 downloads, also described the torturous activity as obscene, inhumane and extremely disturbing. The Chinese communist party (CCP) made these videos with the full knowledge of Hunter Biden, and then told him and others that took part in this activity, they would release the videos if they didn’t do what they were told. The CCP also sent these videos to the leadership of the democrat party and told them they must do whatever it takes to get Joe Biden elected president or they would release these videos to the public.

Alex Jones explains all of these details in the video on this site. So far these sites can be reached, but as most people know youtube banned Alex Jones and many others from sharing videos, so it is becoming more difficult to get the real, uncensored news anymore. The leadership in this nation is trying to censor, block and ban conservative and alternative views from being presented to the public. I tried to reach Infowars and it is being blocked on the internet.
Here is the link to see the Alex Jones report:

On LiveLeak it says:
“Biden’s Dossier Much Worse Then Hillary’s Emails

3 hard disk drives of videos and dossier of Hunter Biden’s connections with the Communist Party (CCP) have been sent to Nancy Pelosi and DOJ. Big money and sex scandal! may come out soon according to Youtuber media Lude
Also mentioned in these videos is about all the congressmen who have been working deals with the CCP”
Source for description of the videos with closed caption interpretations:

I will post updates as I find them on line. We should be getting new information on this bribery scandal everyday as we approach the election. George Eaton


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