The Final Battle of the Epochal War Between the Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness

OPINION: The 2020 Election Aftermath

Hal Turner Radio Show

GOD will not stop what is coming. He gives men free will and will not interfere with what is about to happen in our country.

We are in a true battle between good and evil, Satan doing his work with his evil dominions. GOD always wins, but sometimes there are heavy losses along the way.

We are not about to do combat for ourselves, we are an arm of GOD standing up to pure evil, and desire righteousness.

Many of us will lose our lives in the service of GOD. That cannot be denied or helped. Losing our lives in the service of GOD is far better than losing our souls in the service of the devil.

We must find strength in GOD and our Lord JESUS the Christ to do what must be accomplished. That could be ugly and distasteful but necessary to defeat evil.

Evil in this world surrounds us everywhere we look. The words and actions of society today are disgusting and an affront to GOD.

The USA no longer looks to our heavenly Father for guidance. We now are shown the malevolence of evil and all its ugliness. I don’t need to compile a list for you. Just watch TV, read a magazine, read a newspaper, or go on the internet to the most popular sites. Evil is everywhere you look.

The evil one has replaced GOD in our country and is laughing at Him and all of us poor easily manipulated fools.

Yes, I fear what is coming when this election is concluded. That fear gives me strength to know what I must do and whose side I will be fighting on.

And remember it is not left vs right. We are staring the age old battle of good vs evil in the face.

We who fight on the side of goodness will be guided by the Lord’s hand.

It is time to rip the evil from our country and send it packing.

There will be much destruction to families, property, and our country. What will remain when it is over is unknown. That is not for any of us to know but God will provide and guide us.

What I know is that I will stand for truth and goodness regardless of what may result because of that stand.

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