#MeToobin Movement Gains Momentum After CNN’s Stelter’s ‘Accident’ Justification

CNN’s Stelter Claims Toobin’s Zoom Wank Was “An Accident”

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Toobin, who apologized Monday, saying he had ‘made an embarrassingly stupid mistake’, was suspended from the New Yorker after the incident, but may not be fired from CNN, according to the network.

A CNN insider told Fox News on Tuesday  that Toobin is “He is one of the biggest faces on the network,” adding that he is “too valuable of a commodity” and “good on TV.”

It was previously revealed that Toobin had a ten year affair with younger lawyer Casey Greenfield, the daughter of Toobin’s former CNN colleague Jeff Greenfield, who fell pregnant in 2008, prompting Toobin to deny he was the father.

Toobin refused a paternity test and offered Greenfield money for an abortion. When she refused, he tried to bargain, asking Greenfield to terminate the pregnancy in exchange for payment for a new pregnancy via a sperm donor.

Greenfield had the child, and Toobin has refused to accept he is the father, prompting her to sue him for child support.

Greenfield has claimed that Toobin had multiple other mistresses during the time of their affair.


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