The 2020 Election Is A Fraud!

Kingsburg, CA
October 21, 2020

by Rich Scheck

From any reasonable measure of fairness and integrity, the 2020 US presidential election is failing miserably! To the extent elections are based on informed consent by the voters, this one is a fraud!

Whether one focuses on the primaries, the debates, the roles of the Mainstream Media and Big Tech in promoting the democratic process, or other indicia of electoral authenticity, America has fallen far short of its own ideals rendering whatever result unfolds on November 3rd highly suspect.

No matter which party, interest group or organization one belongs to, everything about this current exercise in voting lacks the level of validity that reflects the will of the people needed to legitimize the results.

Our system of government establishes that the people are sovereign and requires their consent before anyone can claim the mantle of authority allowing them to exercise power under our Constitution.

Decades of distrust born from secrecy, corruption, disinformation, errors in judgment and malfeasance in office has led to our current predicament which can best be described as an information civil war with only sporadic violence.

As things now stand, violence is likely to increase considering the confusion and intense discord spasming throughout the body politic on a regular basis in recent months.

Censoring the news; changing the rules of the debates at the last moment; adopting voting rule changes that are subject to abuse; the unending flow of unverifiable news stories; interference by intelligence agencies (both foreign and domestic) in public discourse; game playing by party leaders intent on making the opposition look bad; dubious campaign finance rules starting with Citizens United; voter suppression; ballot harvesting; computer hacking of voting machines; threats to not concede defeat; invocation of the 25th Amendment; and so many other actions have turned the normal election competition into a form of jungle warfare even more unhinged than WWF cage fighting.

Even the usually pristine Supreme Court has been brought into the fray with the death of Justice Ginsburg and the rush to replace her with someone who may very well be called on to decide the fate of the Nation as we saw in 2000.

Yes, Amy Barrett’s confirmation process is Constitutional. But even an ardent conservative should admit it smacks of inconsistency in light of the 2016 Garland selection blocked by Senate Majority Leader McConnell.

As the Empire reels from over-extending itself in endless foreign wars, virtually no candidate has had the courage to address perhaps the most profound issue underlying the entire political, economic and moral character of our country.

While many of those on the Right thrill to the invocation by President Trump to Make America Great Again by preserving and expanding Pax Americana, Progressives, Liberals, Socialists and other factions on the Left merely squawk away at the unfairness of it all with them getting such a small slice of the American Pie.

Fairness is much to be desired but making unrealistic promises in order to garner votes and power is worse than pandering.  It destroys the validity of the political process and turns government into a substitute for Santa Claus!

Who among our political elite have shown the courage to challenge the assumptions that support such a constrained dialogue? Who among those who have sought to occupy the White House have demonstrated the willingness and high level of testicularity needed to confront the bastions of power, the Military Industrial Complex and elements of the VERY Deep State (VDS) that constitute the DC Swamp fronting for the American Imperium?

Surely not Hillary Clinton nor Joe Biden. Yes, Trump has paid lip service to that conversation and has clearly been the victim of VDS machinations as Chuck Schumer predicted would happen 4 years ago.

But Trump is no angel and has VDS problems of his own starting with his relationship with all things Jared Kushner. They may not be as sleazy as Hunter Biden’s apparent drug and sex addictions but raise the same kind of red flags suggesting nepotism and corruption as we saw with Hillary’s pay-for-play
scandals in 2016 and now again with Biden’s son.

It is not only the candidates themselves who have failed to address the legitimacy of our electoral system. The MSM actively censors key stories; favors candidates in partisan fashion; promotes disinformation on a regular basis and adds to the confusion voters must be feeling right now while ignoring important constitutional issues surrounding our unending wars based on lies.

The list of those in recent years who have boldly stood up for a deeper exploration of our flawed foreign policy with little success include Ron Paul; Dennis Kucinich; Pat Buchanan; Ralph Nader; Jesse Jackson; Tulsi Gabbard; and Mike Gravel along with Ross Perot whose nearly 20% of the vote in 1992 represented the best effort of these outliers with third party movements being only marginally effective.

So as the hours tick off and the final debate between Trump and Biden hovers over the horizon, many in the electorate are staggering under the weight of so much disinformation, enmity and outright truth distortion presented in an effort to manipulate the voters.

I claim the election is now a fraud with no way to validate its legitimacy. Even without the threat of overt violence by those who insist only results favorable to them will be accepted, this election has crossed the tipping point into the zone of danger and fraud.

No matter who prevails and what the official narrative is after November 3rd as to who is to be our Commander in Chief, America has traversed the long dark road from the Republic Ben Franklin claimed the Founders had established into something far more dystopic and uncertain that promises a prolonged period of lawlessness in the days ahead.

I pray this analysis is wrong and encourage readers to persevere in the fight for change even if this bleak assessment is meritorious.

We can and must do better. The future of our children depends upon it.

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