Update on Massive Vote Fraud!

N. B. : Both stateofthenation.co and www.rense.com are providing on-going links describing the massive vote fraud that has positioned Harris and Biden to claim the White House. With FOX now on board along with High Tech. and the rest of the MSM, they will likely prevail in covering up the scandal like they did with the Hunter Biden story.
I hope Dr. Doom and Gloom, yours truly, Male Cassandra Scheck is wrong on this one!

San Luis Opisbo, CA
November 7, 2020

Did Biden Really Win or Was There Massive Vote Fraud?
by Rich Scheck

For those wanting to get an alternative view on what really happened with the voting, here are some useful
links that may help you decide:
1. https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=157488

2. https://phibetaiota.net/2020/11/charlie-ward-blockchain-used-trump-won-landslide-arrests-looming/#more-156567

3. Many other useful articles can be found here: stateofthenation.co

There’s tons more evidence of fraud besides the above material. For those who like it thick and juicy, here is what the always creative folks at whatdoesitmean.com have to say:

I have NOT invested a lot of energy into any of this. To me the election has been entirely a fraud from start to finish, a charade and a psy-op designed to distract and confuse the public while stealing our freedom. http://stateofthenation.co/?p=35080

My guess is that the VERY Deep State (the bad guys) will succeed at least for now in displacing Trump with Harris (the real president) and Biden while using the so-called pandemic as the vehicle for imposing restrictions on are liberties and further centralizing power in the federal government.

Having the MainStream Media and Big Tech on your side promoting the official narrative of a Biden/Harris victory will be almost impossible to overcome, even for the resilient Mr. Trump.

I have spent decades attempting to enlighten people regarding these dynamics to little avail. How it will all turn out assuming the Dems prevail and somehow take power on January 20th remains to be seen. But my guess is Trump will not go quietly into the night.

I am not a big fan of Trump……..but see the Democrats as much worse:

Biden just said on TV, he wants to unite the country. That’s gonna be very hard to do with so many of his supporters seeking to punish Trump voters:

Anyway you slice it, rough times ahead for the Nation!


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