There is NO FREEDOM without honest elections.

Submitted by Anonymous

Our President Trump is a brilliant chess player and a man of his word. Continue to pray that all corruption be exposed and prosecuted so our country can have honest elections in the future. There is NO FREEDOM without honest elections. We will not allow illegal votes to erode our voices and votes.

This is from a strong conservative, Patriotic friend—–

Trump knew all along they were going to cheat. But if you catch them in advance of a crime you can not expose it to the public and they can deny it. This cheating has been going on for decades. They watched the 2018 elections and observed how they cheated. They let them cheat to take the House so they could let them think they got away with it. That is why Trump said the Senate was the key. He did not care about the congress. It was best to let the public see how crazy the Dems and Nancy were when they were in charge. It did not matter as the Senate was the key. He exposed them by letting them cheat to get control of the house in 2018. Trump wants to end it so he set a trap. He made an executive order in 2018 that all Federal elections are a national security issue. All the resources of the 16 intelligence agencies have been monitoring the fraud. They have been documenting and recoding everything.

When Trump took Florida and Ohio big time he was speeding to an election landslide. They could not let that happen. They stopped the counting in the middle of the night in the key Democratic controlled states and told all the counters to take a break. Then at 4 am while they are all on break the 128,000 ballots all 100 % for Biden (Statically impossible) were delivered to be counted. Same thing for Wisconsin. Trump knows this and has had the National security agencies who had spies in there document everything. Now when he goes to the Supreme court he has all the evidence. Trump has never tweeted anything that he has no evidence of. He has always told the truth. That is why he looks so confident. He has caught them in the act. If you saw his 2 am speech he was smiling like he was so happy they caught them. He mentioned at 2 am about a 4 am drop of Ballots, he was signaling he already knew what they would do. He said he wants to make sure they never do this again to any president. Do not worry Trump has already won, what you are seeing is the theater playing out. It has all been planned for and scripted. I believe we are still going to take the house.

There are still 14 congressional seats where the Republican challengers against the incumbent Dems have the Republicans leading. I believe this time the cheating will be reversed and people will be prosecuted and made examples of since they have been recording and documenting everything. Do not watch mainstream news; they are all lying and distorting the facts. They called Michigan for Biden but the Michigan elections board officially shows Trump with an insurmountable 3.5% lead. They know they can not win but they are hoping to cause enough confusion. Trump will have to go to court and they know the judges Trump appointed will rule in favor of Trump. Then the next four years they can say he stole the election , he is illegitimate as his appointed judges gave him the election. This is the narrative they want to spin. Trump knew in advance what they would do. That is why it was so important to have Amy Coney Barrett appointed ahead of time. By claiming he stole the election they can obstruct him over the next 4 years like they did the first time. But that is not going to work this time.

Trump has a plan and watch it play out. He has asked for a recount which they will fight. He had the real ballots marked beforehand with a secret water mark, The forged ballots do not have this. So in the recount they will sort out the real ones from the fake one. Trump was prepared. He knew Biden was in China’s pocket, His NSA told him what was going on at the Houston Chinese consulate that is why ordered it closed 6 months ago and there were reports of them burning papers in the yard when he announced the closure. That is where they were storing the forged ballots to turn Texas Blue on election day. What better place to store fake ballots then at a foreign consulate where you can not get a warrant to search because of diplomatic immunity. Because of closing this consulate Texas remained Red. So the intelligence agencies have been doing their job behind the scenes. So do not worry we already won we are just watching a movie play out. That is why Trump always says grab the popcorn and enjoy the show.

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