Did Israeli cyber-terrorists hack the Iranian air defenses to trigger the Ukraine airliner shootdown after the plane was sabotaged forcing a turnaround?

Ukrainian PS752 Mystery Solved: Shot Down by Israel’s Unit 8200?

The Prime Suspect in Ukrainian PS752 Shootdown: Israel’s Unit 8200

By Jeremy Rothe-Kushel

Just a couple hours ago, I heard on the radio an air traffic controller expert who had fairly recently worked in and with Iran, saying that he thought it was very possible that the airline downing, if it were a shootdown as it looks like it was to him, would be due to an “automation” or “software” error not a human one, and it clicked for me:

This was an Israeli cyber terrorist attack that triggered Russian-made Iranian anti-aircraft missile system to misfire against a friendly civilian target by a Unit 8200 backdoor into the “Friend or Foe” ID code conduited to Israel via Russian technology relations.

The Iranians accused Russia years ago of ‘selling’ the ‘codes’ to Iran’s Russian-supplied anti-aircraft tech to Israel. And it was said that the compromise of the supplied ‘codes’ would allow “Foe” Israeli fighters to confuse Iranian anti-aircraft “Friend or Foe” ID systems to slip through Iranian airspace as “Friends.”

But, of course, the penetrated “Friend or Foe” ID system could be flipped the other way, turning a “Friendly” Ukrainian passenger airliner that just took off into a “Foe” to be shot down, and the system would automate its cyber false-flagged response before human intervention would be feasible, and it could all be tagged to ‘human error.’

Now, the Iranians likely would have made some moves in regards to systems they believed compromised but the word is in this case from sources in the Israeli press is that it was Russian-made TorM1 missiles that likely took down the plane.


And chipsets in general, including swaths of military cyber architecture are largely compromised worldwide. Everybody knows this with US technology, and backdoors and limits designed into US supplied military ballistic hardware. This is likely why Russia and China are now attempting to build national security digital infrastructures that are totally indigenous. But countries like Iran & the US are meanwhile very vulnerable to Israeli tech penetration.

I think in an Israeli context it was actually about a combination of deterrence (ie don’t you dare think about launching thousands of missiles at Israeli cities in aggressive response &/or have Hezbollah do that) and further demonization and discrediting of Iran internationally. As opposed to stuxnet which was US/Israeli joint covert cyber action with the Israelis upping the ante on aggressiveness & virality, this was likely a unilateral Israeli covert cyber action using its technological relationship via Russia as the conduit, and the USIC as the intel framer/confirmer of Iranian ‘culpability.’

The false flag theory limited hangout will likely be that this was an MEK operation and or mole in place. This is likely much worse than that in its global cyber implications for Iran and beyond. Watch for a Russian lead on the disinformation/cover-up front of the technicals while the Israelis covertly ‘brag’ on the facts to fully air out their act and have it be known by those who they want to know of their willingness to use their cyber power and terroristic ruthlessness.

Iran’s finicky and all-over-the-place response makes me think that this alleged covert terrorist show of Israeli cyber force is exactly what happened. They are likely between a rock and a hard place. They would have to admit ‘culpability’ while also advancing facts that might publicly disclose that the Israelis likely via a Russian technological conduit have a massive deterrent and worse, admit a likely compromised Iran to aggressive air attacks.

But if this is true, the Iranians also have the material to end this whole thing with the truth internationally. Zarif has already expressed on twitter that he knows that the truth is what the Trump admin is worried about and the reason he is being kept out of the US from the UN.  Even compromised US Congress critters like Rand Paul & Mike Lee know that there is something deeply wrong about the Trump regime’s story on ‘Intel’.

Forget the threats of regional proxy military hits and responses. That plays right into Zionist hands, both US & ‘multipolar.’ Expose Israel cyber deception via Russian conduited technology with US intelligence framing the matter.

The world is sympathetic to the Iranian position right now, in a resonant but altered way to the world’s stance towards the US on 9/11, during which we in the US didn’t fail to seize our Zionist-goaded moment to drive the world tractor of good faith right into our own manure pit of Zionist & MIC treachery for 2 decades, while destroying millions of lives and further poisoning Muslim lands.

The world is ready to forgive an Iranian mistake, even if it’s ‘mistake’ killed almost 200 people. They did their missile military response flawlessly. Showed their strategic effectiveness, restraint & wisdom, while displaying massive aggressive deterrence towards Israel & US, SA, UAE.

But if this is an Israeli cyber attack against a civilian target ie cyber false flag terrorism, and it is exposed as such, this could both put an immediate end to this clear and present aggression while showing the entire world the danger of Israeli cyber technology domination.


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